One Night Surprise Chapter 281

Chapter 281 Are You Done?

While listening to Casey, Courtney saw a figure from the corner of her eyes. The once familiar figure looks so foreign now.

Isaac was standing at the corner of the banquet hall. His arm was wrapped around the waist of a petite young woman—she was most probably the female anchor whom Casey was talking about.

Shay saw the two of them as well, but he scowled deeply. “Isn’t that Eva Reed?”

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“Do you know her?” Courtney asked.

“She is working in the same company as I am, but she is an online streamer. The company doesn’t seem to value her since they do not intend to provide her with any targeted training. Usually, employees like that will not have their contract renewed.”

“How long is her contract?” She asked out of curiosity.

“Ten years.”

“Wouldn’t she be wasting ten years of her youth?” Courtney was in shock. “Even if they refuse to renew her contract after ten years, she can’t possibly continue in the same industry, can she? They are clearly exploiting her!”

“The bully exploiting her is right here.” Shay pouted at Casey. “Artist contracts within the AW Group start at a minimum of ten years. The money that one has to compensate is exorbitant if they were to break the contract. Those who are underappreciated, like Eva Reed, would have no choice but to do everything they can to look for a patron. Otherwise, with the measly salary from the company and commission through online streaming, it is impossible for her to afford two purses.”

Courtney glanced at Casey when she heard that. Then, she turned to ask Shay, “Well, in that case, do you have to look for a patron if you are being underappreciated?”

Casey’s gaze immediately darkened.

She acted as though she had not noticed it. In fact, she shoved Alexander forward. “I’ll lend him to you when the time comes. He can be your patron—what do you think?”

“You are so considerate toward me.” Shay blinked his eyes a few times. “Courtney, you are too selfless.”

Before he could finish speaking, Casey dragged him away. “Come with me.”

“Ouch! What are you doing? I am chatting with Courtney!”

Courtney burst into a fit of giggles as she saw the two of them walking away. “Oh, my! I have a feeling that Casey is even worse than you are when he’s jealous.”

Alexander stared at her. “I, on the other hand, feel that Shay is worse than you are in regards to being a scatterbrain.”

Courtney did not have a comeback for that.

“Isaac, there are too many people here. I don’t feel so good. Can you please accompany me to the washroom?” Eva held onto Isaac’s arm and she appeared weak.

He tightened his arm around her waist. “Are you afraid of bumping into Vanessa later?”

“Why would I be afraid of her? I just don’t want to embarrass you. That mad woman of yours doesn’t care about your dignity when she loses her mind. It is bad for your reputation.”

“Well, you are always the mature one. Do you truly need to use the washroom?”

“Yeah, I need to go.”

Isaac seemed to be in a trance as he stared at the woman in front of him acting coyly. “Sure! Let’s go.”

I was planning to live a peaceful life after experiencing so much with Vanessa, especially after being married to her for half a year. However, she has been filled with suspicions ever since she had a miscarriage. She keeps tabs on my work—day and night; it is almost giving me a nervous breakdown. I met Eva in a bar when I was having a business meeting with a friend. I wasn’t in awe of her when I met her for the first time. In fact, she is nowhere as pretty as Vanessa. However, her eyes have entranced me.

When Eva locked the bathroom door from inside with a click, he snapped back to reality when he heard the door shut. He observed his surroundings while frowning deeply. “What are you doing? This is a female’s bathroom. I will wait for you outside.”

Nevertheless, Eva wrapped her arms around his neck while dragging him into one of the cubicles. She whispered seductively, “Isaac, don’t you find it exciting to be here?”

Isaac was astounded when he heard that, but his first reaction was to shove her away. “Stop fooling around. This is a cocktail party by the AW Group. How would it look to the public if somebody were to walk in on us?”

“Come on, don’t worry. Nobody will see us because I’ve locked the door.” With that, Eva pushed him to sit on the toilet seat before impatiently unzipping her evening gown. She was not wearing anything underneath. After tossing her gown aside, she sat on top of him. “Isaac…”

Isaac was burning with desire at that point. He seemed to have lost himself once he looked up into her eyes.

The toilet cubicle was filled with the heavy panting sounds of the couple as the passionate sound of their skin slapping against each other reverberated throughout the washroom.

None of them realized the figure standing outside the cubicle. Her pink evening gown was dragging on the floor and the originally beautiful woman wore a frosty expression. She asked in a faint voice, “Are you done?”

“Aaah!” Eva screamed as she shrunk against Isaac’s arms almost instantly.

The color drained from Isaac’s face as well. However, his expression darkened when he caught sight of the woman standing in front of them. He wore his pants before blocking Eva by standing in front of her. “Vanessa, what are you doing?” he asked unhappily.

“I think I should be the one asking the both of you that question, don’t you agree?” Vanessa ferociously glared at them. She looked extremely upset and her tone was especially somber. “Do you know where this is? I can’t believe you two are doing this right here. Are you two animals? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

“Vanessa, that’s enough!” Isaac glanced at the entrance of the bathroom. “You are screaming at the top of your voice because you want to be heard, is it?”

“Are you finally ashamed of yourself?” Vanessa asked coldly. “Why weren’t you shameful when she was on top of you earlier?”

Isaac looked upset, but he did not have a comeback.

Eva was hiding behind him and revealed her beautiful face while staring at Vanessa with fear. Then, she spoke in a soft and girlish voice, “Vanessa, please stop this. We shouldn’t air our dirty laundry to the public. Aren’t you humiliating Isaac by having an outburst?”

“You are a shameless b*tch! You do not have a right to speak here!” With that, Vanessa took a step forward to grab her hair.

Eva shrieked in fear while hiding behind Isaac.

“That’s enough!” Isaac pushed Vanessa away. “Are you done with your nonsense? No matter what happens, you shouldn’t air our dirty laundry to the public. You act as if you are taking the moral high ground as the daughter-in-law of the Graham Family, but you didn’t seem to have any principles when you seduced me to sleep with you in the past. What gives you the right to control me?”

Vanessa lost her balance after he shoved against her. His harsh comments were like knives being stabbed into her heart. She could not believe what she heard, but she had no choice; she had to swallow the bitterness in silence.

“Isaac, you told me that you wanted to live happily ever after with me and I believed you, but why? I can look away when you are gallivanting with other women outside. However, did you ever consider my feelings when you brought her here in front of the public’s eye?” She sat on the floor. “I can no longer be a mother because of you and I don’t have anyone else to rely on apart from you.”

Her confession was moving and shocking, but Isaac had heard that countless times. He was already sick of it and his expression immediately soured.

The eyes of the woman, who was standing behind Isaac, twinkled with a smile and she interrupted Vanessa. “Well, Vanessa, you are truly something to be able to talk about not having children so casually. I am willing to give birth to Isaac’s children, no matter how many he wants, without demanding for a legal status. How about you? You do not even have a child. So, why are you stopping Isaac from keeping his bloodline alive?”

“Shut the f*ck up!” Vanessa lost her cool.

“You should be the one shutting up.” Eva chuckled softly. She pulled the strap, which was sliding down, back up to her shoulder. “I am now two months pregnant.”

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