One Night Surprise Chapter 280

Chapter 280 Not Bothered to Put Up a Front

“If that doesn’t work, Addie from the company would be fine too.”

Are you actually considering Addie from the company?” Alexander’s expression darkened. “What is on your mind when you bring up other men in front of me to attend the cocktail party?”

Courtney’s heart sank when she heard his husky and gloomy voice.

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She felt a sudden movement and the next thing she knew, Alexander, who was lying on the pillow beside her, shifted above her.

“That is not what I meant.” She pushed against his chest. “I was afraid that you would be in an embarrassing situation. Besides, am I not asking for your opinion right now?”

“Are you asking me to pick a date for you?” His voice sounded even more menacing now.

Courtney felt as though the situation was worsening, but she braced herself when she retorted, “Well, since you’re not coming with me, I have to attend the event with somebody, isn’t it?”

“Did I say that I’m not going?” Alexander stared at her from above. The blanket covered his shoulders like a massive mountain while Courtney was rendered motionless underneath the pressure.

It is clearly for his sake, but he is blaming me now. She felt wronged. “I was just taking you into consideration. How would I know if you’d…” She was speaking halfway when she noticed Alexander’s intense gaze. She felt her chest tightening and she did not feel like speaking anymore. “Forget it. It’s useless to speak with you. Do as you please!” She turned her head away.

Alexander was astounded, so he slowly turned sideways to lie beside her. Just when he was about to hold her in his arms, she wriggled away to sleep at the edge of the bed. In fact, she completely ignored him.

After reflecting on his behavior earlier, he regretted not speaking nicely. “I know that you are concerned for me, but I care more about our lives together than others adding insult to my injury. If we aren’t together, it doesn’t matter who you attend the event with because I wouldn’t have the right to speak up. However, now that we are together, there shouldn’t be anybody else attending the cocktail party as your date apart from myself.” Courtney was still motionless at that point. Hence, he scooted closer to her while speaking in a rumbling voice. “I’m just afraid that your heart isn’t with me. However, the cocktail party of the business and trade industry isn’t as simple as you might imagine. I will be worried if I’m not by your side.”

She remained silent and just when Alexander was running out of ideas, she suddenly answered with a hoarse voice, “In any case, I can’t possibly take Jordan and Tina along, can I?”

His knitted eyebrows significantly relaxed. “Didn’t you mention that Oliver has a lot of time on his hands?”

Courtney turned to face him when she heard that. “Are you truly treating Oliver as your personal nanny?” she asked in shock.

“Well, isn’t he?” Alexander raised his eyebrows, as if taking the situation for granted. Oliver has been following Courtney around everywhere. He claims that he’s keeping her safe while investigating certain matters. In reality, as a man, I can tell that he has selfish motives. Everybody sees through him. Since Oliver has accepted the money, he should be responsible for the safety of the two children too. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

At 7.30 PM the next evening, the Business and Trade Cocktail Party, organized by the AW Group, was at the top floor of the most luxurious hotel in Melrose City—the Emerald Gem Hotel. The red carpet extended from the entrance of the hotel, welcoming the attendees who consisted of social elites and celebrities. Since the AW Group was mainly involved in the media industry, it was only natural for many celebrities to show up. Reporters were proud to receive an invitation for the event whereas those who did not loitered outside the entrance for some pictures.

Courtney and Alexander walked the red carpet while holding hands. Despite their plastered smiles, they were both chatting with each other in hushed tones.

“Casey deliberately turned a cocktail party into a film festival. He didn’t need to make it so obvious even if he’s trying to win Shay over, did he?”

He observed the surroundings thoughtfully for a while. “Well, it’s not just for Shay. By doing this, the AW Group has more exposure too. The film and television entertainment industry has been gaining popularity for the past few years, so he is right to grab this opportunity to gain traction from the public.”

“If he’s trying to gain attention, why isn’t he coming out to the public with Shay?” She pouted unhappily. I have nothing to say about the secret love affair between Casey and Shay. After all, the locals aren’t very receptive to relationships such as theirs. Besides, if Shay were to come out to the public, he would lose his career and he might be forced to retire from the industry. Nevertheless, I do not appreciate the rumors circulating about Casey recently. He has had scandals with countless female celebrities one after another and the news has been all over the media.

Despite understanding where Courtney was coming from, Alexander did not explain on Casey’s behalf even though he was aware of certain facts. I have competed with Casey since our childhood. It’s only fair for me to throw him under the bus right now.

Shay approached them the moment they entered the hall. “Courtney, I’ve waited a long time for you to arrive. Why are you so late?”

“The traffic was terrible. Besides, with the parade of extravagance out there, we had to line up since we had to walk the red carpet.” Courtney shot a pointed look behind Shay. Casey was like a shadow as he followed Shay closely from behind.

“Who knows what’s going on in his mind? It’s quite a lot of messing around for no good reason.” Shay was even harsher than her with his comments. He rolled his eyes impatiently at Casey, who was standing behind him. “Courtney, stay with me later and please don’t go about as you wish, so as to avoid running into some unpleasant people.”

“What happened?” Courtney was bewildered.

Shay glanced at Casey when he heard that. “Courtney is speaking with you.”

Well, judging by his tone, he sounds like he’s lecturing me. Courtney felt rather helpless. I wasn’t asking about Casey when it’s Shay whom I’m clearly addressing!

Casey did not seem angry; he kept his hands behind his back when he casually answered, “There are many people within the business and trading industry. It’s better to make a friend than an enemy. I am sure that Miss Hunter understands that point.”

“Stop trying to praise Courtney. Why don’t you come clean and say that you’ve invited the wretched couple, Isaac and Vanessa?”

Both Courtney and Alexander scowled at those two names being mentioned. They both wore the same expression—annoyance.

“Are they here too?” she asked while frowning deeply.

Casey nodded. He checked the surroundings to make sure that those two were not within earshot before explaining, “It is true that they are both here, but Shay isn’t right. It seems like the two of them didn’t come together.”

“They didn’t come together? What do you mean by that?” Courtney was confused. Isaac has been invited as a courtesy of Graham Enterprise. AW Group is on par with Sunhill Enterprise as a large corporation in Melrose City. Hence, it is Graham Enterprise’s honor to be invited to this event since they are a small business. Vanessa’s family isn’t doing well, so I just can’t figure out how she can attend the event apart from showing up as Isaac’s date.

The three of them stared at Casey, who adjusted his spectacles, when he answered pointedly, “Well, it is true that Mr. Graham did not show up with his wife. Unless I have been mistaken, he attended the event with a female anchor from our company. His wife’s situation is even more intriguing because she showed up together with Mr. Isaac’s brother.”

Courtney was stunned into silence and her frown deepened. After Isaac and Vanessa’s engagement party, we never met each other again. Later, I heard that they weren’t on good terms, but I didn’t expect them not to bother to even put up a front.

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