One Night Surprise Chapter 273

Chapter 273 I’m Never Wrong In My Profession

Harry looked at Courtney; it was evident in his wise eyes that he had experienced many vicissitudes of life. “Since Mr. Alexander will insist on this, I believe it will only be a matter of time before you’ll marry into the Duncan Family. However, these arguments between Alexander and Mr. Duncan have accumulated for many years. You are a smart person, Miss Hunter. If you are able to resolve their grudge, it shouldn’t be too difficult for Mr. Duncan to accept you.”

Courtney frowned. “Mr. Harry, you’re thinking highly of me. How sure are you that I can resolve their feud?”

“Because I believe that Alexander is not the person who is responsible for the incident three years ago—even though he might seem callous. The problem between him and Mr. Duncan is due to a communication breakdown. If you can advise Alexander to clearly explain that incident, that would be enough to resolve their feud.”

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By that point, it looked like she was the only person who could voice out her opinion in front of Alexander.

Harry did not bear any negative intentions, but he did not know that Courtney had already looked into the incident that happened three years ago and that she shared the same thought as Scott. In fact, she did not trust Alexander as much as Harry thought she would.

Humans are always capable of changing. Alexander himself had also changed quite a bit since they first met. His current self would not have done that, but based on his personality in the past, he was completely capable of doing such a thing to protect himself.

“Mr. Harry, how are you so sure that he is unrelated to the incident three years ago?”

“I watched that kid grow up and we spent more time together than anyone else. Everyone knows that he chased his biological mother out of the family when he was 13, but do you know the truth behind this?”

Courtney froze in confusion.

“When Alexander chased his mother out, she was already five months pregnant. Since young, his parents had seldom spent time together. She only returned to attend his father’s funeral after he passed away from a car accident. Hence, how likely do you think that the baby belongs to the Duncan Family?”

Seeing that she was unsure whether she understood his meaning, Harry cut to the chase. “His mother is Mr. Duncan’s favorite adopted daughter. If she had done such a thing, Mr. Duncan would definitely have taken things into his own hands—for the sake of the family’s reputation and his own son. The baby definitely won’t be alive.”

Upon hearing that, her expression froze again. “So, Alexander chased his mother away to protect the child that she was carrying?”

Harry heaved a sigh. “Actually, Alexander isn’t as callous and cold-blooded as people think he is. It’s just that he is not used to expressing himself. I hope you can help to ease the tense relationship that Alexander and Mr. Duncan have.”

Courtney had mixed feelings after hearing that.

True enough, the truth that Harry had revealed changed her perception of Alexander, but that incident three years ago was discovered by Oliver and her. If this is not the truth, then what was?

She did not agree to Harry’s request. Instead, she replied that she would think about it.

When she arrived home, night had completely fallen. Meanwhile, Oliver became a full-time nanny. His head fell lopsidedly on the couch as he was fast asleep with Tina hugging his left arm and Jordan under his right arm. All three were fast asleep; their snores could have shaken the house.

Courtney placed the desserts that she bought on the table. After looking at them for a while, she decided to nudge Oliver to wake him up.

“Courtney.” Oliver yawned and rubbed his eyes before he could see the woman in front of him clearly.

“It’s been hard on you. You can head to your room to rest now.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He forcefully blinked his eyes before he suddenly sniffed the air. “What did you bring back?”

“Some cakes and pastries. Haven’t you eaten?”

Oliver immediately perked up as he furiously shook his head. “Not yet! These two fellows are terribly annoying! After I finally made them eat their dinner, they insisted on watching cartoons. Before you leave, you asked me not to let them watch too much television, didn’t you? No matter how I tried to coax them, they were close to being mad with me.”

“I see. Let’s send both of them to their room first. Then, I’ll c**k a bowl of noodles for you.”


Courtney heated up some oil in the pan and placed some garlic as well as onions in it. She then sauteed it until it was fragrant before she mixed some soy sauce and eggs in a bowl to make mayonnaise. Then, she cooked a bowl of plain noodles and poured the sauce on top of the seasoning before she served it on a plate. The aromatic scent of food permeated the entire kitchen.

Oliver gobbled down the food hungrily to the point where his mouth was stained with the sauce. “Where’s Alexander? Why didn’t he come home with you? If he sees this, he’ll definitely s****h it from me.”

“He would fight for food with you?” Courtney found it hard to imagine it. “It’s impossible.”

“There’s nothing impossible.” After he placed the bowl down and cleaned his mouth, he opened the packaging of the bun before he started eating it. “Alexander is a childish and overly confident person. He definitely has problems with self-expression. Even though he cares about you, he will harshly insult you first. Even though his words are quite sharp, it’s actually not that difficult to get along with him.”

“Is this your impression of him?” She frowned.

Courtney always thought that Alexander was a difficult person to get along with. After all, he only had a loyal friend after so many years—Gale. Other people were frightened away before he could even get closer to them.

“Yeah.” Oliver nodded. “What’s wrong? Why do you suddenly look troubled?”

She thought for a while before seriously asking, “Hey, do you think that we might have overlooked something about the incident that happened three years ago? Perhaps, our search results are not complete?”

He stopped eating immediately and frowned. “For example?”

“Why was Sarah so sure that Alexander was the person who drugged her? We shouldn’t just listen to her side of the story.”

“She’s a cancer patient. I don’t think she is lying.”

As Oliver was quite confident in his professionalism, he could not accept Courtney’s sudden suspicions.

However, Courtney suspiciously frowned. “Is that so?”

Initially, she wholeheartedly believed the results from their investigation. However, after the chat with Harry, she started to doubt them. After all, they did not have any evidence to back their suspicions. Hence, her sixth sense was starting to doubt the facts that she confirmed with Oliver beforehand.

“If you really don’t believe me, I can head over to Elmsbury again.” After wiping his mouth clean, Oliver continued solemnly. “I can film a video with Sarah and Maria confessing about everything that happened back then. But, I can guarantee you with my professionalism that they are not lying. They are telling the truth.”

“Professionalism?” Courtney froze for a moment as she looked at him in confusion.

“The professional opinion of a penultimate year student in Public Security University, who majors in Surveillance and Countersurveillance.”

Oliver looked at her, finally revealing his identity that he hid for a long time to her.

After a while, Courtney still had not processed what he said. “What?”

“Courtney, I’m a penultimate year student majoring in Surveillance and Countersurveillance at Public Security University. My full name is Oliver Ford. Actually, I wanted to let you know about this a while ago, but the timing was never perfect. So, I delayed it until now. Since you are questioning the truth that I have discovered for you, I have no other choice but to reveal my identity. Plus, I have never disclosed any false information throughout my professional life.”

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became tense.

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