One Night Surprise Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Making Fun of Him

What did you say?” Kelly could not comprehend what Alexander meant.

He glanced at Courtney, who understood his meaning. While looking at Kelly, she announced, “Alexander is now the supervisor of the Hunter Group’s head of finance.”

“What?” Kelly incredulously glared with widened eyes. “How is that possible? He’s from the Sunhill Enterprise! How can he be the head of finance here? Apart from that, how can you just appoint someone to take the position like this? Do you still respect the board of directors?”

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“I do respect them, but I’m not sure whether they have the same amount of respect for me.” Courtney lowered her voice. “Apart from that, I never planned to appoint the replacement without notifying anyone. Is it because someone threw a tantrum during the meeting? If that’s the case, I don’t think there’s any point in having the meeting anyway.”

“You…” Kelly was so angry that her face flushed red. She stomped her foot on the ground as she continued with her words. “My mom was right about you all along! You are a jinxer! Whoever keeps in touch with you will be doomed! You killed your parents and your step-sister who’s only half-related to you!”

Upon hearing that, Courtney clenched her fists as blood drained from her face.

The words that Kelly spoke were exactly the ones that Courtney had been hearing since young. At that instant, they reappeared like an ancient curse. Even though she knew that she should not believe them, the trauma from her childhood had left her deeply shaken.

“She’s someone who brings misfortunes. As soon as she was born, she jinxed her mother until she died. After a few years, her grandfather followed suit.”

“Now that she’s sent to our place, who else is she going to jinx?”

“Stay away from here!”

Such comments and remarks were common as she was growing up.

“So, you mean to say that if you encounter any accidents now, the cops won’t need to investigate it because Courtney has jinxed you?” Alexander’s voice suddenly rang as it yanked Courtney out of her traumatic memories. As he spoke in a low voice, he took two steps toward Kelly. “However, jinxing people to death does not seem to constitute a crime in the eyes of the law.”

“What do you mean?” She took a step back in trepidation. “We are at the office now. You dare—”

“There’s nothing that I won’t dare to do.” Alexander stood rooted to the ground, but the cold and harsh vibe he radiated had also scared Courtney. “If you say something like this in front of Courtney again, I will ensure that you won’t be able to utter another word in the future. Then, you will know how much power a good-for-nothing who has been chased out of the Duncan Family wields.”

Kelly was taken aback by his words that her face immediately paled. After almost losing her footing, she ran away after realizing that there was nobody around.

After she left, he walked to Courtney and held her hands as he stood in front of her. “You are usually quick-witted. Why are you suddenly quiet in front of an uneducated swine like her?”

ourtney lowered her head as she answered sullenly, “I just have no words to retaliate because I’ve heard many similar statements since I was young. Sometimes I even think that they are right after all.” If fate really exists in this world, I really suspect that I have the fate of the most unlucky person alive.

Alexander tightened his grip on his hands. As his warmth spread to the back of her hands, his voice rang above her head. “If you are the unluckiest person alive, then what am I? Everyone has their own time in staying alive and dying—no one can force anything like this. If you want to claim the title of the unluckiest person alive, you’ll have to wait for me to own it first.”

At the age of 13, Alexander’s father died and he chased his biological mother out of the family. Then, he spent the next two decades alone; he did not even visit his only grandfather often. Hence, compared to Courtney, he thought that he was more suited for the title.

However, Courtney snorted exasperatedly. “Who would console another person like that? Why don’t you just say that both of us are unlucky people who have found each other?”

“If you want to describe it in that way, it’s not wrong either.”

“Hey!” Courtney pretended to whack him. As she did not exercise much force into her movement, she looked more like she was flirting with him.

At that moment, two employees passed by and one of them opened his mouth. “Hello, President Hunt—”

Before he could finish his greeting, the other person dragged him away. However, Courtney and Alexander could still hear what they said. “Can’t you see that President Hunter is flirting with her boyfriend?” the employee asked. “What are you doing by interrupting them?”

In an instant, the atmosphere between them suddenly became awkward.

Even after they walked away, her head was still lowered as she awkwardly touched her face.

“Why are you blushing?”

“Who’s blushing?” Courtney glared at Alexander. “I’m furious at Kelly.”

“Is that so?”

“Precisely!” Courtney cleared her throat. “Head of finance, why aren’t you reporting to HR? You don’t call the shots around here. The procedures have to be followed.”

“You didn’t even adhere to the procedures when you hired me.” Alexander looked indignant. “Even if I follow the procedures, everyone else will still think that I’m here because of connections.”

“They are not blind, you know.” She rolled her eyes at him and pushed his shoulders in the opposite direction. “The entire Melrose City knows that you are the young master of the Duncan Family. For you to work for our small business as the head of finance is already tough on you. Cut the c**p and get going.”

It was only a temporary plan for him to work at Hunter Group as the head of finance. After all, they both knew that he could not possibly stay there for long since he was Scott’s only grandson and the sole inheritor of the Sunhill Enterprise. Once Scott’s anger had abated, he would have to return.

However, it was Alexander’s idea to work for the Hunter Group.

The first reason was that the finances of Hunter Group were in a mess—it was also the reason why the Tax Bureau decided to investigate them. Using the opportunity, he offered to clean the mess and give the company’s finance system a breath of fresh air.

The second reason was that he planned to return to Sunhill Enterprise. He was the young master of the Duncan Family, yet he went to work for his girlfriend’s small enterprise. If Scott heard about that, he probably could not sit still anymore.

At the Duncans’ ancestral home, Scott broke the fountain pen on the table after he learned about it. “This rascal is deliberately making me angry! How dare he become the head of finance at the Hunter Group? He’d rather humiliate me in front of everyone than apologize to me!”

“Sir.” Harry ordered the other maids to clean the house up while he put in some good words for Alexander. “You’ve wrongly blamed Alexander this time. Since you already asked him to get out, surely he has to figure out a way to survive? If he’s lying around all day doing nothing, that would really ruin your reputation. Do you know what others have been saying about Alexander?”

“What?” Scott arched his eyebrows.

“They said that you don’t like him and you’d rather give the family business to an outsider than to let Alexander inherit it. Think about Alexander’s temper in the past—he has offended many people. Now that he’s not as glorious as before, many people are making fun of him.”

Those bunch of scums!” Scott slammed his fist on the table and walked around the room before speaking in a low voice. “Harry, look for Alexander and have a chat with him.”

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