One Night Surprise Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Taking a Bet

“So, you guys have reconciled.”

In the video call across the Pacific Ocean, Cameron looked quite healthy and energetic. Her black iris turned as she was eager to hear the latest gossip.

After that night, Alexander officially moved into Courtney’s bedroom and they became even closer than the time that they started dating. Since he did not have to handle his company, he had much more free time than before, so he sent her to and from the office.

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However, she still had worries that she could not deal with. She needed to tell someone about it and since there were not many people who knew about the matter, Cameron was the only person whom she could tell.

“Actually, I think this is pretty good. When you are together with Alexander, you don’t have to think about many problems. Your daughter is still yours and his son is also yours now—one less trouble to worry about.”

“It’s not that.” Courtney looked conflicted. “I feel like I’m lying to him.”

As the days passed, she could clearly feel Alexander’s feelings toward her. He was definitely loyal and genuine toward her while only wanting her to be happy. On top of that, he also loved Tina a lot.

However, if Courney did not hear from Tina that Alexander was searching for the surrogate woman, she would not have been impulsive that night. However, her advance was merely a safeguard that she created for herself before the storm arrived.

If he ever discovered that she was the surrogate woman, she could feign that she knew nothing about it. Since she was already his girlfriend, he probably would not even bring up the incident back then.

She was merely gambling with the fact that he cared for her enough to prevent any pain from hurting her.

“You just think too much.” On the other side of the call, Cameron snorted. “Actually, as an outsider, I think you can tell him the truth before he finds out about this huge incident. If you are really worried, you can send Tina to Eljiah’s place. With her being there, I don’t think Alexander can take her away.”

“Let me think about it.” Courtney frowned. Even if I’m coming clean to Alexander, it’s definitely not the right timing now.

“Alright. Do you even have the time to deal with this? I heard that you took over the Hunter Group’s mess. Will the old fellows work with you?”

Upon the mention of that, Courtney returned to her senses. “Work with me? My *ss! You don’t know that for the last two meetings involving the board of directors, only half the people arrived. I have to go now—since I have arranged another meeting that is compulsory for everyone to attend.”

After hanging up on the video call, Courtney leaned against the chair and she pinched her nose, feeling ominous about the storm that was about to happen.

In fact, news about the money being siphoned from the Hunter Group was not as much as the rumors had made it out to be. It was just a temporary break in their chain of income. She volunteered to join the company as they reallocated the shares. After pouring all the money left from Lucian’s insurance, she was now the main shareholder of Hunter Group as she held 36% of the total shares.

Even though Courtney’s shares were lower than the ones held by Susan and Anna combined, her sister was already dead. Anna’s shares now belonged to Susan, but the latter was nowhere to be seen. Hence, after following the company constitution, it was only reasonable for Courtney to be appointed as the interim director.

However, the board of directors was not satisfied with the decision at all. Together with Susan, who was missing, there were 17 people on the board of directors; half of whom were her relatives, nephews and nieces. The person who loved to go against Courtney was the daughter of Susan’s third brother and Anna’s cousin—Kelly Yves.

Courtney had plans to change the three supervisors of the finance department this time. Without even thinking about it, she was sure that an imminent fight was waiting ahead of her.

In the meeting, right after Courtney informed them about her plans, Kelly slammed her fists on the table and immediately stood up. “What do you mean? What is the problem that the finance department is facing? How can you just change the employees as you wish? Are you planning to change everyone in the company until they are all your allies? Don’t forget that you are only the interim director here. The official director is still Aunt Susan!”

As the young lady of the Yves Family, Kelly knew nothing about finances and economy. Apart from throwing tantrums whenever things did not go her way, she only had a beautiful face. However, people like her were the most difficult to deal with because they were completely illogical.

Courtney merely shot her a cold stare before replying, “Sure. Now that I’m the director, even if it’s interim and as long as I’m here, you guys have to take my orders. The three supervisors in the finance department are seniors and they have an interconnected relationship with each other. I don’t see any good in people like them staying in the finance department, so they need to be immediately changed.”

“I don’t agree.” Kelly raised her chin haughtily. “All my uncles and my dad will not agree too.”

“I am not discussing this with you. I am merely notifying you.” Courtney closed the folder on the table. “If you don’t agree, wait until you are in my position.”

With that, she rose to her full height and left the conference room without taking another look at them.

Natasha, her assistant, quickly announced to everyone as she followed Courtney out, “The meeting is now over.”

The entire meeting only lasted for five minutes due to Kelly’s outburst and the rest of the elders could not even say a single word. It was no wonder that the Hunter Group lacked talents and was at the verge of bankruptcy just because of a tiny disturbance in their income chain.

Courtney proudly and confidently walked out of the conference room.

“Courtney Hunter, stop!” Kelly yelled anxiously as fury was apparent in her voice.

“Yes?” Courtney’s high heels came to a stop after she turned. With a look of indifference, she faced Kelly, who was flushed red.

“You are not helping Hunter Group at all. I bet you can’t wait for Hunter Group to be bankrupt!”

“Are you kidding me? I’m now the main shareholder. Why would I wish for the company to go bankrupt? I would lose all my money.”

“Who knows what’s wrong with you?” Kelly’s face darkened. “Don’t think that everyone has to take orders from you. Sure, you are one of the shareholders. If my shares are combined with both my dad and my uncle’s, our total shares are not less than yours. Why does the company have to listen to you? Who do you think you are? Don’t forget that the Sunhill Enterprise is not backing you anymore. Alexander Duncan is now a good-for-nothing who has been chased out of the family.”

Courtney’s relationship with Alexander was not a secret—everyone in the industry knew that he fell out with his family because of her. It soon became the hot topic that people talk about whenever they run out of topics for conversations.

As the former prince charming and former president of Sunhill Enterprise, Alexander was usually arrogant and lofty. However, he had to rely on a woman for his livelihood. The people who used to suffer under him took the opportunity to take revenge on him.

Just as Courtney was about to retaliate, she felt a pressure on her shoulders. Then, a familiar low voice rang coldly.

“Before you say that another person is a good-for-nothing, think about the miserable shares that you have in your hands.”

With one arm around her, Alexander icily glared at Kelly. Even at such moments, he still had the air of a proud leader.

“Alexander Duncan?” She panicked for a while, but she quickly calmed herself down. “This is an internal matter of the Hunter Group. It’s none of your business!”

His cold and sharp gaze swept past her face and stared straight into her eyes. “Yes, it’s not related to an outsider, but it’s certainly related to the newly appointed head of finance.”

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