One Night Surprise Chapter 269

Chapter 269 You Seduced Me First

He has clearly brought food home for me, but he chooses not to clearly express himself. I’ve had enough of him. Oliver slightly pouted and complained in his heart, but there was a warm look in his eyes as he saw the scrumptious food in front of him.

As night had already fallen in Melrose City, the cityscape flawlessly merged with dusk as various lights shone in the background.

After Courtney took a shower, she froze when she saw the uninvited guest after she walked out of her bathroom. D**n, how can I forget to lock the door?

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As there were many matters to deal with during the day, her brain and body had been working tirelessly. Hence, right after she returned home, she immediately entered the bathroom to take a shower while completely forgetting about guarding against Alexander.

“What are you doing here?”

Sitting on the couch near the French windows by the balcony, Alexander had ‘The Brief History of Time’ in his hands; the book was Courtney’s bedtime reading material. He raised his head and closed the book. Without replying to her question, he stated, “Nice choice of bedtime books.”

“It’s not what you thought. I chose this book because I’m able to fall asleep while reading it.” Courtney crossed her arms as she kept a safe distance—the equivalent of almost the length of a bed— from Alexander.

“In my opinion, instead of looking at my bedtime books, you should knock on Oliver’s door while he’s still awake. Otherwise, you’ll have to sleep with Jordan again.”

He raised his eyebrows. “I haven’t even showered yet.”

“Then, go ahead. There’s a bathroom outside.”

“The shower head is broken. There’s no water.”

“How is that possible?” Courtney glared at him.

“Well, see it for yourself if you don’t believe me.” Without arguing with her, he placed the book back on the shelf and stood up.


I don’t believe that the showerhead breaks down just like this. Oliver has been staying here for so long and he often uses the bathroom outside. Nothing has ever broken down there. Five minutes later, Courtney looked at the water dripping from the shower head with a frown on her face.

“See, I’m not lying to you.” Alexander’s voice rang from behind her.

“I-I-In that case, you can take a shower in my room. But after that, get your *ss out of there immediately.”

Without any other option, Courtney closed the tap and returned the shower head to its original position. “If you are home tomorrow, remember to call the property agent to ask them to fix it.”


Alexander decisively agreed with a glance at the tap on the edge of the wall from the corner of his eyes. A trace of glee and slyness flickered in his eyes.

The master bedroom was serene. As she sat on the couch, she flipped through ‘A Brief History of Time’ in boredom. Apart from the sound of water splashing around from the bathroom, there were no other sounds in the bedroom.

The physics knowledge in the book was rather dry, so she became even more bored after looking at it for a while. Then, she simply took a medicinal book from the shelf to revise what she had studied in university.

After opening the book, she wistfully looked at the notes she made in the past. If it weren’t for that accident, I would have become a doctor in a hospital by now.

A slight glint of light peeked through from the slit of the door as a small hand quietly opened the door.


Courtney raised her head from the book and saw Tina looking at her with a pair of bright eyes. She was in her pink strawberry pajamas.

“Tina?” Courtney was shocked to see her. “Why are you still awake?”

Tina ran to her with fluttering eyelids. “I’m so tired, but I have something to tell you, Mommy.”

“What is it?” Courtney felt slightly amused. “Don’t tell me that you dreamed of me promising to bring you to the playground again? Are you coming to hoodwink me again?”

A pouting Tina said, “Of course not. It’s a serious matter this time.”

“What is it?”

“When I went out for lunch with Mr. Alexander, he asked Josh to look for Jordan’s mom. Is that you, Mommy?”

Upon hearing that, Courtney’s expression immediately changed. “What did you say?”

After all, Tina was still a child. Even though she tried her best to attentively listen to the conversation, she could not remember all of it. She only remembered the gist that was related to Courtney as she knew that it was an important incident. As such, she kept reminding herself to tell Courtney once they arrived home.

However, as Courtney was busy with her company matters, she arrived home rather late. Tina had already fallen asleep by then, but she woke up after hearing the commotion in the living room.

Based on Tina’s vague recollection, Courtney deduced what Alexander had asked Josh to investigate. Her fingers tightly grabbed the book as she blanched. Based on Alexander’s resources and intelligence, he would discover the truth soon. After a few pieces of related evidence, he would probably figure out that the woman back then is me. What should I do when that happens?

The sound of water had stopped in the bathroom.

He wiped the water vapor from the mirror, which revealed his handsome and perfect facial features. After simply drying his wet hair, he opened the bathroom door and walked outside.

The bedroom was quiet and only a yellow night lamp was lit by the bed, making the room look cozy that could make one easily fall asleep.

Alexander had been suffering from insomnia for many years. If he did not sleep next to Courtney, he could not have a good night’s sleep at all. It was the reason why he insisted on sleeping in her room.

There was a bulge in the blanket where she was fast asleep. Her steady breaths had irregularly blown the hair on her nose tip.

Alexander flipped open the other end of the blanket and lay down on the bed while taking her into his arms. Now, she can’t ask me to sleep outside anymore.

Courtney moved in his arms, as if she had woken up. He lowered his head and saw her squinting her eyes in drowsiness and confusion that looked innocent.

He kissed her forehead and said in a low voice, “Continue sleeping. I can’t sleep outside.”

She slowly stretched her hands out to wrap them around his waist. Then, her knees slightly rubbed on his thighs. “Alright.”

Alexander froze before he spoke with a hoarse voice that suddenly seemed to have overpowered him, “Courtney, don’t move.”

However, Courtney seemed to be unaware of what went on as she moved around in his embrace while she muttered, “What? It’s not comfortable for me this way. Let me change my position.”

Her sleepy, lazy voice had melted his heart, making him unable to hold himself back. In the next instant, he rolled over and pinned her below him.

Her eyes widened as the drowsiness faded, as if she was shocked by his actions. However, she immediately regained her usual alertness and gulped. “What are you doing?”

“Stop pretending.” After saying that in a hoarse voice, Alexander bent down to Courtney and breathed on her neck with his voice vibrating in her ears. “You are the one who seduced me first.”

Courtney froze before pushing his chest away with her hands. “I-I-I did not.”

She had a conflicted and flustered expression on her face, as if someone had exposed her.

However, when Alexander saw that, he merely thought that she was embarrassed and shy.

In addition to that, he liked her to be shy. No longer being able to stop his inner beast, his long kiss sealed all her attempts to explain the situation. His huge hands controlled her entire body and her soul, as he sank deeper into her.

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