Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1235

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1235 A Battle Of Cooking Skills

That day, when Susanne went to Maureen’s Kitchen for dinner, she had made inquiries and found out that the reason the grilled fish tasted so delicious and different from those which she had elsewhere was because Arielle had made modifications to the original recipe.

Even though Arielle had not tried the grilled fish prepared by Penelope, she did not want to go against Susanne’s wishes and agreed to her mother-in-law’s suggestion with a nod. “All right, I’ll need about twenty minutes to prepare it.”

“Sure!” Susanne answered and looked toward Penelope with disdain. “You can come along and watch. Useless people are not welcomed here. If you want to stay, you need to have some contributions to the household. In the future, you shall be in charge of the kitchen and cleanliness of the first floor.”

Sensing that Susanne was treating her like a servant, Penelope’s expression stiffened and had trouble maintaining the fake smile on her face.

Her intention was not to become a servant of the household but Vinson’s woman instead, living comfortably and enjoying a life of luxury.

“Mr. Nightshire…” Penelope looked at the man with pleading eyes, looking all vulnerable and fragile.

However, Vinson merely responded placidly, “Just do as my mom says. Those are useful skills to pick up anyway.”

When Penelope heard that, she had no choice but to accept the arrangement. “All right. I’ll go now.”

After saying that, she caught up with Arielle and the two women headed to the kitchen together.

While Arielle was preparing the ingredients, Penelope merely asked with no intention to help, “Do you need any help? Since Mrs. Nightshire had specially asked you to prepare the dish, you must have excellent culinary skills.”

Although that was what Penelope said, all she felt for Arielle was disdain.

There was no way she would believe that the owner of Sann Group could c**k well.

After all, it did not seem logical that someone with status as high as Arielle would c**k personally.

Penelope was certain that Susanne had gotten Arielle to prepare that dish just to give her some pressure.

In a while, after Arielle was done with the dish, Vinson would know that compared to Arielle, she was the better homemaker and that Arielle was only fit to be his business partner.

Penelope was secretly delighted at that thought and could not wait for Arielle to finish preparing the dish.

As if Arielle did not hear Penelope’s question at all, she continued with her task at hand and treated the other woman like an invisible object.

Penelope could feel her anger building after being ignored. However, other than standing quietly at one side, there was nothing she could do.

She did not believe that, without her help, Arielle would be able to finish preparing the dish alone.

That was simply impossible as preparing grilled fish took a lot of skill as it might be a very simple dish but it was hard to c**k it to perfection.

As such, Penelope was sure that Arielle would be asking for her help in no time.

In that case, Penelope intended to take some credit after the grilled fish was served by telling Vinson that she had guided Arielle in the preparation.

However, after waiting for a while, Arielle still did not speak to her. When the woman looked over suspiciously, she noticed that Arielle had already finished preparing all the other ingredients and was currently handling the fish.

Snapper, which was used to prepare the dish, demanded a high degree of care and skill in its handling. As Penelope was aware that her preparation work was not done perfectly, the grilled fish served by her earlier on did not look exceptionally appealing.

The woman was confident that there was no way Arielle could handle it better than her.

However, the next instant, she saw Arielle picking up the knife and starting to prepare the snapper skilfully, removing all its innards.

After that, Arielle proceeded to carve delicate patterns along its backbone.

Penelope was shocked to see that the pattern was almost identical—that was something she could never accomplish.

As such, she started wondering if it was really possible that Arielle’s culinary skills were indeed better than hers.

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