Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1234

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1234 Even Dogs Will Not Eat It

After taking a pause, the woman said to Susanne, “Mrs. Nightshire, I’ll go bring the dishes out. Please take a seat and get ready to eat. I won’t get in the way.”

After saying that, Penelope quickly made her way to the kitchen to take out the dishes.

Susanne opened her mouth and was about to say something but decided against it.

If Vinson and Arielle had indeed lost feelings for each other, or if there were really cracks in their relationship, it would not be very appropriate for her to meddle in their affairs. If she did that, it might even have an adverse effect instead.

As such, Susanne decided that she would just not acknowledge Penelope. That seemed like the only thing she could do.

Since that woman with an unknown background wants to move in, she will first have to be able to tolerate my temper.

At that thought, Susanne decided in her heart that she would no longer argue with Vinson and use her actions to force Penelope to back down instead.

“Let’s go. You haven’t had dinner yet, right?” Susanne patted Arielle’s shoulder and said, “Our chef had returned to his hometown today. Since we have a free substitute chef today, let’s just try her cooking.”

Even though Arielle hardly had any appetite as she was trying to figure out what was going on with Vinson, she had no choice but to sit at the dining table after being dragged there by Susanne while trying hard to tone down her displeasure.

Soon after, Penelope emerged from the kitchen and brought the dishes to the dining table.

After managing Maureen’s Kitchen’s for so long, Arielle’s occupational hazard acted up as she started scrutinizing the dishes.

Penelope had prepared a three-course meal including a soup. Just judging by the presentation of the dishes, they seemed passable, but the taste of the dishes was still left to be judged.

Just when Arielle was still assessing the dishes, Penelope started laying out the cutlery for everyone.

“Everyone, please try my cooking,” Penelope said confidently. “Even though I might not be good at a lot of things, I’m quite confident in my culinary skills. In fact, everyone who has tasted my cooking had only praises for me.”

Susanne took a piece of grilled fish and put it in her mouth expressionlessly, and Penelope looked at the woman expectantly.

However, the next instant, Susanne’s expression darkened as she spat out the fish.

“Ugh! This is horrible!” Susanne exclaimed before picking up her glass of water to rinse her mouth.

Feeling extremely awkward, Penelope froze on the spot and did not know how to respond.

However, Susanne was not picking on the woman intentionally this time. It was because she had just been to Maureen’s Kitchen for dinner two days ago, and one of the dishes served there was also grilled fish.

After savoring grilled fish that was excellently prepared, it was just normal for other grilled fish to not meet her expectation.

“How can something taste so bad!”

Susanne tossed her cutlery on the table and looked toward Penelope. “Try this yourself! I doubt that it’s even fit for any human. Perhaps, even dogs won’t eat it!”

Vinson, who was about to take a piece of grilled fish as well, retracted his hand slowly upon hearing his mother’s comments.

Penelope refused to believe that the grilled fish which she had painstakingly prepared was that bad. Besides, the fish itself was fresh from the market. As such, even if the preparation method was not ideal, it was impossible for its taste to go wrong.

After tasting it herself, Penelope arrived at the conclusion that Susanne was definitely making things difficult for her deliberately.

In fact, the dish which she had prepared that evening tasted better than all of her previous attempts. As such, she was sure that Susanne must be picking on her by claiming that even dogs would despise the dish.

Feeling indignant, Penelope said, “Mrs. Nightshire, since everyone has different tastes, I guess maybe you don’t like grilled fish in the first place? Do you want to try something else instead?”

“No thanks!” Susanne waved a dismissive hand and said to Arielle, “Sannie, are you tired? If you’re feeling fine, why don’t you show her how the dish should be prepared?

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