Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1232

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1232 Filthy

Right after Susanne gave her orders, a bodyguard appeared and restrained Penelope.

Just when he was about to throw her out of the house, Susanne suddenly changed her mind.

“Wait a moment.”

Hearing that, Penelope thought that Susanne was finally willing to let her stay. However, the next moment, Susanne said coldly, “Don’t chase her out first. Call the police and report her for trespassing and stealing.”

Penelope’s eyes widened in shock and tried to defend herself, “I didn’t trespass! It was Mr. Nightshire who brought me back! Besides, I didn’t steal anything, you can’t accuse me without evidence!”

“You didn’t steal anything?”

Susanne sneered and continued, “What are you wearing then?”

Penelope looked down subconsciously.

When she first got to the manor, she was still dressed in the uniform she wore while working in the karaoke bar. As such, while Vinson was showering, she had acted on her own accord and instructed a servant to bring her a set of clothes that belonged to Arielle.

What infuriated her most was that, as Arielle had a slim figure, Penelope could hardly fit into most of her clothes and ended up with loose-fitting loungewear.

She did not expect that Susanne would use that as evidence and accuse her of stealing!

“I, I…” Penelope started to panic and blurted out, “If you are upset that I took the clothes, can I return them now?”

“Ha!” Susanne smirked coldly and replied, “Do you expect my daughter-in-law to wear the filthy clothes you’ve worn? She’s obsessed with cleanliness!”

Arielle was momentarily stunned when she heard that and had a confused expression on her face.

She did not remember herself being very particular about cleanliness.

However, realization hit her the next instant. That was just an excuse Susanne made up to send that woman to jail.

Arielle felt a heartwarming feeling rise within her.

She had never expected that Susanne would go to such lengths to stand up for her.

At the same time, Arielle had also noticed that Vinson had inherited some aspects of his mother’s personality. As long as they had their hearts settled on someone, no one else would be able to replace that person.

Arielle could not help but look toward Penelope, whose face was flushed red with anger.

Clenching her fists, Penelope said, “Then, would it be all right if I buy this set of clothes from you?”

Susanne crossed her arms in front of her chest and replied, “I don’t need money. Did you actually think that I was after your money? Besides, do you know how much this set of clothes cost?”

“Isn’t this just some loungewear? I’m not that poor that I can’t even afford this,” Penelope muttered to herself before saying in a much louder voice, “How much does it cost? I’ll pay you ten times more.”

In fact, her work at the karaoke bar paid quite well. She earned at least seven to eight thousand monthly, and with tips from customers, she could easily make an average of ten to twenty thousand every month.

As such, the woman did not believe that she could not even afford a set of random loungewear.

The next instant, Susanne let out a low snort and said, “Well, it’s not that expensive. It just costs slightly more than a hundred thousand. Since you offered to pay ten times the price, I’ll round it down for you. How about one million?”

Penelope’s expression darkened at once.

“One million?” She raised her tone unconsciously. “What kind of loungewear costs one million?”

“Can you afford it? If you can’t, we’ll have to call the police. Stealing would probably get you a few years in jail!”

After Susanne said that, she turned toward her bodyguard and said, “What are you waiting for? Call the police now!”

At the urging of Susanne, the butler took out his phone and was about to call the police when Penelope suddenly shouted, “Mr. Nightshire! Save me, Mr. Nightshire!”

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