My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 523

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 523

‘‘It’s all because of Nicole!’ 

‘Otherwise, I would not have ended up like this!’ 

Seemingly recalling the scene earlier, Chloe’s expression became twisted.She quickly walked ahead, ignoring her parents, and naturally paid no heed to what Miley had asked her.Her expression had changed so much that it was terrifyingly sullen.

Luka was sitting in the car looking bored.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang of the car door opening and closing.He was so shocked that he trembled, and when he turned around, he saw Chloe’s extremely bitter expression.He cautiously asked.

“What’s the matter? Did something go wrong today?”

Immediately after, he keenly noticed that Chloe’s beloved ring was missing.

He quickly realized something as he asked, “Where’s your ring?”

A flash of resentment appeared in Chloe’s eyes as she hissed.

“It was snatched away by that b***h, Nicole! She gave it back to Snow!”

She did not feel there was anything wrong with what she did.

In her eyes, that diamond was purchased by her and was hers.

Yet, Nicole dared to s****h her stuff away ring before her eyes! That was way overboard.

Luka shuddered in fright when he heard her tone as he gingerly asked another question.

“What do you plan to do now?”

‘What do I plan to do?” Chloe sneered.

When she recalled how Jared and Lloyd ignored her in favor of Nicole and even stared daggers at her, her envy was almost palpable.

‘I will make Nicole pay!’ Chloe thought to herself.

She then told Luka roughly what had happened today.

A thoughtful look soon appeared on his face, and a look of disbelief soon took its place on his face.

‘That Nicole is the famous S? The cases she had solved aside, she is also the only medical genius in Interpol.Her ability is so outstanding that few countries had not heard of her name”

He knew that S was quite young, but he did not at all expect her to be a woman! He especially did not expect that S would be Nicole! 

‘No wonder the Nottingbrook police changed their attitude so quickly.If Nicole is S, then all of this could be explained”As Luka thought of this, he took a deep breath as he looked at Chloe and said, “By the looks of this, we should not fight her head on.”

‘‘S is not someone we can take on!’ Chloe told him all these were for him to give her ideas.

Yet, Luka instead said something like this.Her expression immediately changed as she hissed.

“We shouldn’t fight her head on? Fine, consider yourself fired then.Get loss!”

When Luka heard the first half of the sentence, he was surprised, yet when he heard the latter half, he fell silent for a moment.He slowly turned to look at Chloe and realized that she was serious, so he immediately tried to flatter her.

“Don’t Chloe, Chloe.Please calm down.I’ll definitely figure out a way.Just give me a minute, give me a minute…”

When Luka was thinking hard, Chloe watched the scenery outside.

Snow and Harvey had both walked out.

Both of them had sullen expressions on their face.

Snow was holding that beautiful diamond ring in her hand, clutching it tightly.She was chasing after Harvey, seemingly trying to say something.

However, Harvey ignored her as he was pondering something.

Very quickly, he straight up left Snow, who was chasing after him, behind as he turned around and entered the Holder family manor once again.

Without Harvey, Snow was stopped outside.She had a look of bitterness and resentment in her eyes and subconsciously wanted to throw the thing in her hand onto the ground.She then quickly realized what she was holding as she retracted her hand and clutched the diamond in her palm.

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