My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 522

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 522

She knew very well the reason why the Rogers family was kicked out of the circle of elite families.

It was all because they had offended this Mr.Johnston.

Although the Rogers family relied heavily on the Johnston family, it has to be said that it was still a juggernaut itself.

Yet, the family was overthrown just like that, with nary any ability to fight back at all.

She shuddered inwardly, yet she dared not lose the smile on her face.

“Surely you jest, Mr.Johnston.I wouldn’t dare to cause you trouble.”

Jared gave her a half-smile and did not say anything else as he soon caught up to Nicole’s side as they walked out of the Holder family manor’s door together.

They had come and gone in a hurry, yet they left plenty of room for the guests today to think.

The world-famous Interpol Agent S was a woman aside.

The two persons after her affection were Jared and Lloyd.

They had to say, this was indeed shocking news.

Nicole had heard what he said to Lloyd.

She turned toward Jared, the look in her eyes somewhat indiscernible.

Jared walked forward as he looked at Nicole and his eyes curved a little.

“You look beautiful tonight.”

Aglint appeared in Nicole’s eyes.

“We leaving? Wanna go back for coffee?” He said.

Asmile appeared on Nicole’s face as she heard that.She looked at Jared and nodded softly.

Lloyd looked at Jared’s back.

As if all of his rages had been spent today, he did not chase after the latter, but instead, she turned toward Nachelle, his eyes bearing a clear indifference.

‘What have you done?” Nachelle’s expression did not change as she softly sighed.

Looking at the mess before her, she slowly said.

“Let’s call it a day for now.”

When Damien and Miley walked out, they were still in a daze.She slowly turned toward Chloe behind her with a look of disbelief in her eyes.

“What’s going on? Is what your brother said true? Were you really kicked out of the crew by Ms.Nachelle?”

They had already witnessed Nachelle’s attitude earlier, and she met Chloe, who was trying to flatter her and said without reservation.Her expression was almost hostile even.

“Miss Chloe, we have nothing to do with each other anymore.Please take note of yourself in the future.The Holder family will never invite a thief like you to attend our banquet.”

“Consider this your first and your last.” Chloe looked like a pale ghost.Her grandfather was ignoring her now and had even viciously scolded her earlier, asking her to reflect on what she had that.

His words were so sharp that as if he did not have such a granddaughter.

‘‘Thank goodness Grandma isn’t here today”

Chloe thought with some relief.

Her grandmother, who doted on her the most, was not here, which meant she had room to turn things around.

As she thought of this, her eyes became extremely sullen.

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