My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 521

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 521

 There was an instantaneous change in Lloyd’s eyes as Nicole’s figure was reflected in his pair of charming yet distant eyes.

There was only her in his eyes.

“No, you will always be S.”

His voice had a certain gentleness to it as if he was simply stating a fact, yet it was also a silent rebuke to Nicole’s words.

“The organization had never removed your name from our operator list.You are still my most resilient and loyal partner, my doctor.”

Her right hand had treated countless people and had also destroyed countless of darkness.

That was why it was called the Hand of God.

No one knew why she decided to quit at her prime, but the organization never removed her name, and everyone was hoping that she would one day return.

Nicole looked at Lloyd before her.

A trace of warmth finally appeared on her face as if something was burning in her eyes.

“I have no need for that, Lloyd.”She said coldly.

“I’m not the person you seek, and I will never be that person you seek ever again.”

“So, please give up, and stop asserting things.”

Lloyd looked up slightly as he looked at Nicole before him with a look of puzzlement.

“S, why?”

They had been working so closely and seamlessly.

There was No reason at all, but she chose to announce her departure when he was on a mission.He could not understand it, nor could he accept it.

Nicole stood up.

She could not be bothered to pay any attention to the gazes of everyone looking at her as she looked at Lloyd with a look of slight indifference.

“There’s no why.”

The color in Lloyd’s eyes slowly disappeared.He looked at the girl before him as a shroud gathered around his eyes.

Nicole finally glanced indifferently at Chloe and Snow, who were in disbelief.

Even Harvey’s expression changed somewhat as her cold voice rang out, with a tinge of sullenness to it.

“Our paths simply diverged.”

Immediately after, she turned and walked out.

Lloyd subconsciously wanted to grab her as there was a rare confusion between his eyes as he looked at Nicole’s back with a tinge of obstinacy.

‘I cannot let her go again”

Just as he was about to move, another hand stretched out to grab onto his.

The fingers of that hand were slender and immaculate, almost like silverware.

Lloyd was stopped by that hand, and he raised his eyes to look at Jared, who stood up slothfully beside him, his eyes deep.

Jared did not budge as his cold, indifferent voice slowly rang out in everyone’s ears.

“Do not force her to do anything against her will.”

Immediately after, his gaze shifted from Lloyd to Nachelle as a beautiful smile slowly appeared from the corners of his lips.

“I’m here just to tell you something.”

He casually followed behind Nicole, and as he left, he whispered.

“The trouble you’ve caused me, I shall repay that bit by bit when I have the time.”

There was no need to feel lucky, nor there was any need to feel suspicious.

Nachelle looked at his sharp face and could not say anything for a good while.

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