My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 520

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 520

Yet, the shiny diamond in her hand told her that she had just been helped by the person she hated the most.

Nicole’s speed was very fast, and by the time Chloe had reacted, the diamond ring had already flown into Snow’s hand.

Chloe immediately screamed as she pounced at Nicole.

“B*tch, give me back my diamond!”

Everyone was watching the glamorous female star going berserk, and all had a look of shock in their eyes while Alberto almost fainted.

‘What the hell is wrong with Chloe today? Why is she doing all these stupid things?”

Damien and Miley standing at the back, saw their enraged daughter with a look of abject horror in their eyes.

In their hearts, their daughter was always delicate and noble.

She would never go berserk like this! Nicole looked at Chloe, who was like a possessed lunatic, and a look of irritability flashed across her eyes.

Yet, before she could even strike back, two arms stretched beside her, stopping Chloe in her tracks.

Lloyd looked at Jared, who had also stretched his hands out, but he did not look at him.

But instead, he cast his gaze onto Nicole.

His eyes were like a storm of ice and fire.

Chloe looked at Jared’s eyes and finally calmed down.

She fearfully looked at everyone around her and saw almost everyone was looking at her with disgust.

Nachelle, sitting on the side, issued an ultimatum without any hesitation.

“This young lady here is my guest.”

Nachelle looked at Nicole as she slowly spoke.

“And since you actually intend to do her harm, please leave this place on your own accord.”

‘Since my son like this girl, I, of course, need to back her up”

When Chloe heard that, she almost wanted to collapse in despair.

She shook her head as she pleaded.

“No, you cannot do this to me! It was Nicole, she took the diamond away first! It’s her fault! She’s a shameless thief! You’re being fooled by her! How can you take a country bumpkin as your guest?!”

Before Nachelle could say anything, Lloyd smirked softly as he slowly let go of Chloe’s hand and dropped a bombshell.

“A thief? Chloe, I don’t know what gave you the courage to accuse Interpol Agent S, a thief?!”


 The eyes of everyone looking at Nicole changed, with a thick layer of fear in them.

‘The world-famous Interpol Agent S is actually this woman?’ Claus looked at Nicole.

A huge look of surprise was etched upon his face.

Back then, the boss had casually mentioned this person to him, yet he totally did not expect her to be right beside him.

This was almost like a fantasy.

Chloe’s expression turned pale as she looked at Nicole and then back at Lloyd as she sneered.You got to be kidding.How can Nicole be S?”

There was no change in Lloyd’s eyes as he very calmly took out that photo from his pocket.

Chloe had just casually glanced at it, but when she clearly saw what was in the photo, her expression froze.

It was actually quite a dated document, and Nicole in the photo was still very young, yet she had that indescribable coldness to her.

She was in casual clothes, with the only identification information on it was a simple codename – S.

Gary looked at S, and his expression instantly became very complicated, as if something was struggling inside him.

Yet Nicole’s expression did not change at all.

She looked at that identification paper in Lloyd’s hand, and a nostalgic look appeared in her eyes.

“I never thought that you actually kept this thing for me.” Nicole said softly.

She then looked at Lloyd, her eyes deep yet cold at the same time.

“Unfortunately, I’m no longer S.”

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