My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 519

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 519

 At this very moment, Nachelle’s expression had changed.

‘Is Chloe really a thief?”

Thankfully she listened to Lloyd and kicked this woman out of the production crew early.

Otherwise, if she was to use such a stained actress as part of her final film

 “Lukewarm,” it may very well crash and burn by word of mouth alone.

As a person who had been extremely demanding of herself, how could Nachelle allow such a problem to occur? As Nachelle thought of this, her eyes looking at Chloe were so icy that frost could have formed.

Chloe did not sense Nachelle’s disgust toward her.

She had already been so agitated by the scene earlier that her brain was overheating, forgetting that the reason she was here was to get Nachelle to change her opinion of her.

Chloe sneered as she looked at Snow.

She hissed mockingly, “I was the one who saw the diamond first.It should’ve been mine!”

Chloe was the one who saw it first during the auction of the pink diamond, so she thought that it should be hers.

However, after returning home, she did some investigation and found that Harvey had given the diamond to Snow.

After learning that the pink diamond was lost, she quickly searched all around for it.

Two days ago, she discovered someone had secretly put it up for sale online, and she bought it back at a very high price! So, it was impossible for her to give it back to Snow! “Moreover, you’ve lost the diamond, and I purchased it from someone else.It has nothing to do with you anymore!”

“Wh-What sort of logic is this?”

Snow did not expect Chloe to say that she had bought it.She immediately turned toward Harvey.

Yet, the latter did not even cast a glance her way and instead focused his eyes on the hand Nicole was grabbing.

Seeing that he refused to help her, she stomped her feet and yelled at Chloe.

“Chloe, I never thought that you were such a person! And here I was listening to you! You p**s me off!” She thought, ‘This woman purchased my stolen diamond and claimed it as hers.

She’s totally shameless! Chloe’s expression remained unchanged as she looked on sneeringly at Nicole.

Since she had already been found out, there was no need to hide anymore.

“I’ve noticed this diamond back in Nottingbrook! You should never have been its master.Look at your gaudy dress and that unstable gait as you walk with those high heels.How are you worthy of such a precious, beautiful diamond?”

When Snow was told off by Chloe like that, she was totally stunned.

She did not expect the getup that she was so proud of was so mercilessly ripped apart by Chloe.

Seemingly sensing the people around her looking at her in contempt, her eyes reddened in exasperation.

“Yet, before she could say anything else, Chloe mercilessly interrupted her.She looked on pitifully at Snow.

“Silly girl, look how Mr.Harvey can’t even be bothered to help you, and you actually have the cheek to sit her? Shameless!”

Just as when she gleefully insulted Snow until the latter had no way to fight back, an extremely icy voice suddenly rang out behind her.

“When it comes to being shameless, you are no better.”

Nicole clasped Chloe’s hand with one hand, and with another, she pulled the diamond ring off Chloe’s fingers and casually tossed it to Snow before letting the former go.

‘What’s going on? Nicole is helping me?!’ Snow looked at the scene unfolding before her in a daze and could not react to it at all for a good while.

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