My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 518

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 518

He spoke calmly, his eyes tranquil, yet there was a deep icy chill to it.

“Miss, please do not slander someone like that, or else I will have to ask you to leave.”

Nachelle did not say anything.She had never refuted Lloyd’s words.

Snow’s eyes widened as she looked at Lloyd in disbelief, her eyes filled with the look of being wronged.

“How can you say that about me? Nicole is a thief that stole my things.Look at how she made you guys fall head over heels for her.Isn’t she promiscuous?”

Not too far away, Gary, who had come with the Finley family, was looking at Nicole with a very complicated look.She was exceptionally beautiful today; it was impossible to avert his eyes.

But upon seeing Lloyd’s actions, he was not sure what was his relationship with Nicole! Ryder, sitting by his side, noticed his little brother’s dour mood.He gently prodded the latter and whispered.

“Isn’t that the girl whose details I could not find no matter what I did? Didn’t you say her signature matches your idol? Go and ask her then.”

Gary shook his head as he clenched his fist tightly.

Thinking of how he had treated Nicole earlier, he dared not ask the question.

‘If she really is my idol, I really have no idea how to look at her in the eyes”

At this moment, Nicole looked at the defiant Snow, her expression impassive, yet her voice was cold.

“Snow, have a good look.What’s this thing on Chloe’s finger!”

Chloe listened to what Snow said triumphantly, and at the same time, she was furious at Lloyd for speaking up for Nicole.

Upon hearing what Nicole said, she was stunned.

‘Yeah, I was so angry just now I forgot I was still wearing this!’ She had not had the time to take the ring off her finger! 

Thinking of this, Chloe immediately wanted to take the ring off her finger.

However, Nicole’s hand, while slender, was extremely powerful, and even with her face flushed in strain, she could not pull her hands out of Nicole’s grasp! When Snow heard what Nicole said, she glanced suspiciously at Chloe’s hand.

She immediately saw the ring on the latter’s finger, and there was a huge diamond inlaid on the ring.

It was the diamond she could not be more familiar with! Snow looked at Chloe in disbelief, and Chloe, having known that she had been discovered, gave up struggling as she looked icily at Snow and spoke first.

“What? What’s wrong with my hand?”

Snow’s eyes widened.She did not expect Chloe to be able to say something so shameless.She immediately stood up straight as she hissed with furious anger, “You have the cheek to say that? The diamond on your ring is mine!”

“Chloe! Why did you steal my diamond!”

Chloe sneered as she subconsciously tried to pull her hand away, yet she still found her hand unmoving, and the expression on her face stiffened.The eyes of everyone around fell on her.

Nachelle looked at that familiar-looking pink diamond, and she raised her eyebrows gently as she looked at Harvey, whose expression remained unchanged.

Jared, who was looking at the scene, could not help but squint a little.

Thinking of how Chloe had coveted the diamond back in Nottingbrook, and what had happened now, he could have guessed it without even thinking.

He then looked at Chloe with a faint look of contempt.

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