My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 517

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 517

When Nachelle heard Claus’ words, the expression on her face immediately turned genial as she gently looked at Jared and smiled at him.

“Of course not.Mr.Johnston’s attendance is an honor to the Holder family.” As she said that, she lifted the glass in her hand and slightly raised it toward Jared, her movement extremely gentle.

“Mr.Johnston, please have a seat.”

Jared gave her an impassive look before looking at Lloyd, who was now standing by her side, as some kind of emotion flashed across his face.He casually grabbed a glass of wine from the waiter beside him and gave Nachelle a distant cheer.

He then swirled the glass, and, like Nachelle, he did not even drink the liquid.

They had been so used to maintaining this superficial peace.

It would not come apart so suddenly.

When Harvey saw what was going on, a warm smile appeared on his face, yet the emotions in his eyes were indiscernible.

He watched as Jared took Nicole to sit at the first table at the center, and he went back to his own table.

Instantly, the tables were filled, leaving only the two master seats empty.

There were, however, no signs of the Rogers family members at the first table.

Alberto obviously noticed this as he was a little surprised to see that after Nachelle and Lloyd took their seats, the table was filled, yet his second brother was not among them.

He then slowly realized that something was wrong.

No matter how useless he was, everyone would still offer him a smile on the grace of the Rogers family’s name.

There was nothing like today where he was outright ignored, making it difficult for him to make any moves.

What was even weirder was that his two nephews were not here either, or even that Shawn, the favorite son of Christo was nowhere to be found.

‘What was going on?’ 

At this very moment, Chloe was clenching her fists tightly as she looked at Nicole sitting between Jared and Lloyd.

The look in her eyes was as if she wanted to flay Nicole alive.

‘Those two men should’ve been MINE!’ She walked toward Nicole almost uncontrollably.

Alberto frowned as he was pondering what was going on and did not notice her movements.

By the time he realized it, Chloe had already made her way to Jared and Lloyd’s side as she stretched her hand out to pull Nicole.

It was already too late for Alberto to stop her as he could only look at the granddaughter he had always been proud of, scaring him witless.

Nicole had already noticed Chloe’s movements long ago.

She calmly turned around and dodged Chloe’s outstretched hand.

Her eyes immediately turned icy as she grabbed the latter’s arm.

Snow followed Harvey over to sit there.She was looking both angrily and enviously at Nicole and, seeing Chloe’s outstretched hand and secretly cheered for the latter.

‘Let’s have Chloe deal with Nicole!’

 When Lloyd saw what Chloe did, a tinge of anger appeared on his warm face.

Just as he wanted to say something, Nicole had already spoken, her tone rather icy.

“Chloe, do not p**s me off again.”

Snow could not hold it in any longer as she looked at the dignitaries at the table and spat, “Nicole, you’re saying Chloe is pissing you off? You are the one with an attitude issue.Not only you are out there being a vixen, you even steal! Someone should’ve dealt with you long ago!”

As she said that, she thought that everyone would have a bad impression of Nicole as she waited triumphantly.

To her dismay, however, she found that no one believed her at all.

Every single one of them was looking at Nicole, as all of them ignored both Snow and Chloe.

Snow felt extremely embarrassed, and as she wanted to say something else in a fit of anger, Lloyd’s impassive gave swept over.

As he looked at Snow spouting all that, he frowned.

‘Why would S do such a thing?! ‘This woman is clearly bullshitting!”

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