My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 409

Chapter 409 Norah snarled inwardly, ‘There is only… One daughter of the Riddle family, and that is me!’ Inside the classroom, Gary was looking at the questions in his hand as he frowned irritably.

He was not concerned about his monthly exam results, but due to the bet Nicole had with Mr. Kennedy on this Math Olympiad, he was under a massive amount of pressure. As he looked up and saw Nicole coming back and sitting down casually, she did or said nothing, yet she gave him an inexplicable sense of calmness.

Recalling her clear and moving thank you yesterday, his irritation at trying to solve the math problems dropped by a lot.

Jack, who was beside Gary, noticed his gaze, and a thought crossed his mind. ‘Gary seemed to be really treating Nicole differently.’

Seemingly thinking of something, he turned to look at June, who was quietly doing her revision, as a thoughtful look appeared on his face.

Vivian also saw how Gary looked at Nicole, and as she remembered what he said to her yesterday, a cold smile appeared on her face as she took out her phone and sent a message out. (Gary took another glance at Nicole.] Harvey, who got the message, turned off the screen before looking at Ms. Thompson before him. His smile was warm as ever.

“Ms. Thompson, I’ve understood what happened the other day and have met Nicole as well.”

Ms. Thompson gave Harvey a satisfied look. This grandson of Mr. Ellison had won her and the class countless accolades, so when she spoke to him, her tone would subconsciously soften. “Oh? Tell me, what was going on actually? Did Nicole greatly affect the overall grade of the class, or did she affect the grades of the top students in class?”

When Ms. Thompson recalled Nicole’s beautiful face, a look of faint disgust appeared in her eyes.

‘I could tell she isn’t a good student from a glance!’ Thinking of when Nicole had made a fool out of her back then, Ms. Thompson’s expression turned sullen as she hoped that Harvey could report Nicole in. Yet, when Harvey heard what Ms. Thompson said, he still maintained his smile as he said flatly, “Ms. Thompson, Nicole does indeed have a bad influence on the class.” “As expected!” Ms. Thompson’s eyes lit up as if she had caught onto Nicole’s weakness. However, Harvey suddenly paused as he pivoted. “She seems to always have trouble arising around her. Probably because of her beauty, many would go to her class to see her, causing the high school division students to lose interest in their studies.”

As he said that, Harvey looked up at Ms. Thompson. “After all, the exam is on next Monday, so

shouldn’t you do something about the atmosphere in the high school division, Ms. Thompson?” Ms. Thompson’s expression suddenly turned glum. What Harvey had insinuated was that Nicole was innocent.

He implied that it was all the other students who ran over to see Nicole… and it was because of her beauty!

Ms. Thompson almost wanted to puke. ‘But Harvey will not lie to me, so there must be a problem with the students at the high school division!’ As she thought of this, Ms. Thompson stood up and prepared to go to the high school division building. Before she left, she suddenly recalled something as she asked Harvey with some trepidation.” Harvey, Nicole has no special relationship with your grandfather, right?” . How could she forget that scene when Nicole directly called Mr. Ellison. She did not want to kick a brick wall a second time. Hearing this, Harvey had a glint in his eyes as he looked at her with some confusion on his face. “My grandfather? Why would Nicole have anything to do with him?” He purposely answered with a question, looking like he did not know anything at all. Only did Ms. Thompson feel relief as she walked out. She whispered to herself. “Just like what I said. There’s no way Nicole knows Mr. Ellison. She must’ve got his number by accident!”

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