My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 408

Chapter 408 Nicole’s brows furrowed. She did not expect Samuel to be such a naive simpleton. ‘With Snow so concerned about Harvey, if he were to find out about her losing the diamond, wouldn’t she be afraid that he’d be angry? ‘No, she’d not tell such a lie.’ When Norah saw Nicole keeping silent, she thought that the latter had admitted defeat and continued. “I know, you’re afraid that I’ll fight with you for their affection… but w-we’re still family… Do you really believe Snow and Raine but not me?”

What Norah said made Spencer feel a little conflicted.

“Nicole, you should’ve told me earlier about what Snow and Raine were doing. I’ll try to investigate this matter. Before we have any conclusions, let’s believe Norah for now.”

Norah had not been home for a few days now, and it was pitiful for her to be alone at school. Nicole, upon seeing how gullible the two brothers were could not help but sigh. ‘However, as for evidence. if I want to investigate the matter, it’ll be far, far easier than anyone else,’ thought Nicole as her lips curled.


She gave a confident smile. “Alright, let’s wait until I’ve collected the evidence then. I’ll go back to class first.”

It was almost time for class, and she did not want to waste any more time with Norah. “Nicole…” Both Spencer and Samuel watched Nicole leave coldly and thought she was angry.

Norah took the opportunity to quip. “Samuel, Spencer, you’ve seen it yourself. With Nicole hating me so much… It’s better… if I don’t go home.” Samuel sighed. “No, you haven’t come home for so many days now. Mom is worried.” Although he felt that Nicole would never lie too, he was still unable to bring himself to suspect Norah.

“Enough. It has been many days now. Stop this nonsense. You should go home and appreciate the time you have with mom and dad,” Spencer reminded Norah. Norah, sensing something was not right, immediately asked, “Why are you saying this, Spencer?”

Spencer did not hide the matter from her. “I accidentally heard Sean tell mom and dad that he had found clues about your biological parents.” “How could that be?” Norah was stunned, and her eyes widened. Both Spencer and Samuel were taken aback. ‘Why was Norah’s reaction so bizarre…’ Norah immediately realized that she had overreacted and quickly explained. “I… I just did not expect Sean to have found them so soon.”

Charter 408

Yet, a trace of panic flashed in her heart.

‘How could that be. ‘That family had always hidden their tracks. They shouldn’t be found in the first place…’ she thought. “Yeah, we did not expect it to be so fast either, so… go home. After all, you don’t have much time left together.” Spencer’s tone was not as close as before and sounded more like a friendly reminder. “I understand…” Norah dared not play coy anymore and could only nod in agreement. “We’ll be leaving first then.” Seeing that she finally agreed, the twins were relieved and said goodbye to her. While Norah watched the two leaving, her expression turned cold and sullen. – She did not expect Sean to manage to find the trails of her biological parents. “They want to get rid of me just like that?’ “No way in hell… I will never allow you lot to get rid of me!”

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