My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 407

Chapter 407 What Nicole said made Norah’s body stiffen. She then turned around as her eyes widened. ‘Nicole?’ ‘Why is she here?’ She had waited here for Samuel and Spencer on purpose and finally found the chance to get them to persuade her to go home. Unexpectedly, she ran straight into Nicole here. ‘Isn’t she supposed to be in class right now?’ Norah wondered. “Why are you looking at me so surprised? Feeling guilty now?” Nicole raised her eyebrow. She had felt that it was odd that Snow suddenly lost her pink diamond, yet only she and her brothers returned home that night. Snow and Raine would not be so stupid to be stealing their own things. Nicole could not help but think, ‘Then the only suspect here was….’ Norah immediately panicked. “What nonsense are you spouting? Why would I feel guilty?” She quickly played innocent. “I know you don’t want me to go back home, so I won’t, but don’t you try to frame me.” Nicole raised her eyebrow. “I haven’t even said what you’re feeling guilty for, so how did you tell I’m trying to frame you? Unless… you knew what Snow had lost?” When she said that, Samuel and Spencer looked at each other. “What are you trying to say, Nicole?”

‘Did Snow lose something? How come we didn’t know?’ the Riddle brothers wondered. Nicole looked at the two and said coldly, “Snow lost her pink diamond the day we went back to visit grandpa.”

Norah’s face immediately turned red. “What does losing her pink diamond have anything to do with me? What could I get out of it?”

Nicole frowned a little. “It might not do any good for you, but the first person her suspicion fell upon was me when she lost her diamond. Perhaps, it is to, you know, ‘frame’ me.”

Norah’s heart skipped a beat. She did not expect Nicole to have guessed it.

Yet she cannot admit to it no matter what!

“I did not do that! Don’t you accuse me without proof!”

“Accuse you without proof?” Nicole laughed. “Then why were you standing at the door and did not go in?” “… I said it already. It’s because I was ashamed.”. “Really?” Nicole’s gaze became sharper, “Since you don’t want to admit it, then how about we search your dorm room then?”

This time, Norah was truly stunned. She had not gone back home for the past few days, so the pink diamond could only be stored in her dorm room. She thought that no one would suspect her, so she kept it there. After all, that pink diamond looked very valuable from the outset.

Yet, Norah did not expect Nicole wanted to search her dorm room. She immediately panicked a little.

“So, out with it. Did you steal the pink diamond, or not?” Nicole did not want to push Norah to the brink and wanted to give her a chance to admit it herself.

With Norah’s back to the wall, her brothers were no longer asking her to go back home as they seemingly believed what Nicole said and were looking at her suspiciously.

Norah could not bear it any longer, so she could only cry. “Nicole, I know you don’t like me, but you cannot slander me like this! Back then, mommy and daddy and my brothers all dote on me, and they had not given me anything.

“I don’t care about that pink diamond! Now, mommy, daddy, and my brothers all dote on you… Everything is yours now. I’m already not going back home, so what more do you want? Is chasing me out of the house, not enough? Are you only satisfied when I’m finally sitting in jail?” Norah bawled as if Nicole was the one that was bullying her. Samuel and Spencer looked at each other and did not know what to say.

Samuel was the naive one and could not help but believe this little sister he had been living with for so many years.

“Nicole, let’s top suspecting Norah. Snow and Raine had been lying through their teeth. It might be them who are trying to frame you!”

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