My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 406

Chapter 406 He managed to draw Karen’s attention away as the latter bore a deep hatred for Nicole in her eyes.

“It’s all because of Nicole. She must’ve told our son something. Otherwise, no matter how rebellious Preston was, he never dared to talk back to me!”

When Dillon heard Nicole’s name, he also frowned a little in anger. He let go of Karen’s hand as he hissed. “You’re right. When I was almost forced to kneel back then, Preston did not react at all. Nicole must’ve done something to him!”

The husband and wife discussed about Nicole for a good while before Dillon finally remembered something important and looked on worriedly at Karen as he said, “If Preston is really close to Nicole, that means he will not help us and might get in our way too. What do you think we should do?”

Karen also had thought of this as she squinted, and a cold glint appeared in her eyes.

“Then we’ll do it ourselves.”

Dillon looked at her with surprise. A moment later, he lowered his voice as he said, “But Nicole is so on guard against us…”

Karen glanced at him and sneered, “I don’t believe she doesn’t have any weaknesses!”

Early next morning, Zeke appeared on time on the track field with two large dark eye circles on his face.

Nicole was already standing there as she calmly looked at her watch to confirm that he was not late before casually saying. “Your mission today is to run thirty laps. This is the number of kilometers you will need to normally run every single day. Once you are used to these thirty laps, I’ll add on other training.”

Zeke could not be bothered to say anything else as he started his new day of running.

Nicole looked at his face as a trace of emotion appeared in her eyes. ‘He is still, so, so far away from being able to start learning martial arts.’ By the time Zeke was done running, the sky was already bright, and as the orange-colored dawn light shone upon Nicole, Zeke’s heart inexplicably jumped wildly. ‘What’s going on? Did I run too much that I’m getting heart arrhythmia?”

He slowly stopped down to stop his wildly beating heart. His legs were so sore he could barely stand and needed to rest a good while before he could find his feet again.

Seeing that he was done running, Nicole did not say much as she turned around and headed to the classroom. It was already Friday and was the day of the Riddle family banquet, and she also had the Math Olympiad tomorrow.

She did not have much time left, with the monthly exam coming on next Monday.

‘So troublesome.’

Nicole sighed. She had never seriously tried to be a student before, and now she realized that trying to be one was harder than being a top-level hacker.

She then glumly walked toward the classroom building.

From afar, she saw Spencer and Samuel.

Assuming that they were waiting for her, Nicole walked toward them. When she got closer, she then noticed there was a thin figure standing beside them.

It was the angry Norah who had not gone home for several days now.

Samuel was seemingly trying to advise her. “Norah, you’ve been mad for a few days now. Mom was asking me, why did you not come in when you came to grandpa’s home the other day?” Nicole frowned a little. ‘Norah went back to the Riddle family manor?’ Why did she not know about this?

Norah’s back was facing Nicole, so she naturally did not see her as she lowered her head and pretended to be innocent as she said.

“I heard that grandpa was sick, so I wanted to go back and visit him… but now everyone only thinks of Nicole, and not me anymore… I’m no longer a Riddle. I’m ashamed to see grandpa.”

‘Ah, so the day she went back was the day Snow lost her pink diamond.’ Nicole’s eyes narrowed as she managed to connect something together. She then walked up, and she said coldly, “Is it because you’re ashamed to see grandpa or because you’ve taken something away at the door?”

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