My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 405

Chapter 405 When Karen felt Preston treating her so coldly, a bitter look appeared on her face. ‘It must have been that b*tch saying something to him!’ Thinking of this, Karen anxiously looked at Preston as she said, “Tell mom now, why weren’t you back home for the past few days? Was it because Nicole told you something? Tell me everything that b*tch said to you!”

Karen guessed that Nicole must have been talking bad about her to her son behind her back.

Otherwise, her son would not be so cold to her!

Preston hated it the most when his mother was like that. He casually pulled his hand away when he heard that. Karen did not expect her son to take his hand away so forcefully and was stunned for a moment.

Looking at her surprised look, Preston had a tinge of mockery in his eyes. “Nicole did not say much to me at all. It’s you instead.”

Preston pulled his sleeves up, revealing the spot where Karen had grabbed him just now. The skin was already visibly turning blue-black, just like the bruise produced after being grabbed and pinched.

“You’re always like that. You assume that you’re doing me a favor, but you actually only want to satisfy your own wants and needs. Otherwise, why would you use so much strength just to grab on to me?” Karen looked at the bruise on Preston’s hand, and a look of panic soon appeared on her face. As she heard what he said, her voice became shrill from the rising anger. “You’re talking nonsense! I love you the most out of my three children. How can you speak of me like that?” Preston looked at her impassively as he softly said, “Is that so?”

‘Is that really so?’ As Karen’s firstborn, Preston was required to be the best young master of the Riddle family. He was forced to learn this and that day in and out, so much so that he did not have time to touch his favorite computer. Later on, he suffered many beatings for doing the things he liked. Preston did not look at Karen. He was now a grown-up and no longer that weak little boy.

He skipped about at a pace that pissed Karen off, humming the punk rock songs she had derided as “garbage” many times as he walked into his room and slammed the door with a loud bang Immediately after, he could hear Karen’s furious tirade coming from outside the door. A cheeky smile of a kid who had managed to cause trouble soon appeared on Preston’s face. He casually threw his coat onto the bed and went into the shower.

Karen’s outburst soon alarmed Dillon. He was thinking of something by the bedside, and when he heard his wife’s out-of-control voice, he immediately walked over and hissed as if

somewhat displeased.

“What are you doing? This is the family manor. Know your place!” They had been taking advantage of staying in the Riddle family manor because of Mr. Riddle Sr. being sick.

Yet, Karen was causing such a ruckus here. Does she want to wake Mr. Riddle Sr. up and suffer another round of scolding again?

Karen was taken aback by that reprimand, and her temper flared even more. She looked at the man with an irritable look on his face as a sense of being wronged appeared among the flames of anger in her heart.

“Even you are treating me like this. I can’t stand in this home anymore! I’ll pack up tomorrow and go back to the Marquez family!” She had always been saying this over and over, and Dillon was already used to it, so he only shrugged when she said that. Yet, he seemed to remember something as he grabbed her shoulder and said, “Enough, didn’t you say you want to let Preston get the old man’s attention and get him to favor us again? Why are you scolding him now?”

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