My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Nicole did not notice Preston’s expression. Instead, she turned to look at Zeke as she suddenly remembered what he said in the car. “Seems like you are very dissatisfied with the training schedule I’ve set for you.”

Zeke did not expect her to remember. He immediately explained, “It isn’t that, Nicole. Just think about it. I need to be at the track by four-thirty. Doesn’t that mean I need to wake at four since I can only head there after washing up? I’ll be too tired for this…”

Zeke was still complaining. When he realized that Nicole had left, only did he want to chase after her. Nicole’s voice soon came over along with the breeze, “If you have any further objections, come at three-thirty tomorrow. Now, go back and sleep.”

Zeke pouted as he was somewhat unhappy. He dared not challenge Nicole’s authority, so he could only turn around and sheepishly walk to his own school. “Sigh, four o’clock is not too bad, I guess. If I sleep now, I at least can get five hours of sleep…”

After Preston got back to the Riddle family manor, he looked at the clock in the hall and found that it was already 11:00 p.m. He then walked toward his room, yet he saw Dillon and Karen’s room light was still on, and there seemed to be some discussion going on inside. Preston did not mind it as he walked past the room. However, when he reached the door on his way, it opened, and Karen’s dissatisfied voice came from inside.

“Why are you back this late?”

Preston stopped. He said impassively. “I dropped Nicole off at school before coming back.”

He never told his parents that he and Edwin had set up a company. Even when such a serious problem had occurred in the company, Preston had never thought of telling them.

Karen looked at her favorite son as a rare sullen look appeared on her face. “Nicole? Since when you got so close to her?”

‘No wonder Preston did not speak up when we clashed with Daniel’s family back then. It was because of Nicole?!’

Preston frowned. He had always felt that his parents were a little too much for targeting a young lady for no reason.

And now, when Karen reacted so agitatedly just because he had sent her back as her cousin, he felt that she was really being unreasonable. “Mom, Nicole is my cousin. It’s inevitable for us to meet when we are at grandpa’s house. Can you stop targeting her?” Today was the first time he got to know Nicole. From what he saw, she was not a bad person. He felt that his parents had seriously misunderstood her.

Seeing that Preston was speaking up for Nicole, Karen’s expression grew even more bitter.”

Preston, I’m warning you, don’t get too close to Nicole. You heard me? Just look at how she treats us? She must have approached you with some motives. You’re such a naive person, don’t be fooled by her!”

When Preston saw that Karen was still running her mouth on Nicole, he could not be bothered to entertain her anymore.

He gave his mother a glance with a look of irritability in his eyes. “Did you look for me just to say all these? Fine, I’m going to bed now.” ‘Since I cannot get through to her, why should I bother?’ As he thought about that, he turned to leave.

Karen panicked a little as she saw Preston’s reaction and quickly reached out to pull him.

For some reason, she had always doted on Preston since he was a boy, giving him anything and everything, yet Preston was never as close to her compared to Snow and Raine.

“Mom, I’m tired. Can you let me go to bed?” It was not just today. He had been tired for the past few days, and he could finally catch a good night’s sleep tonight. He wanted to rest.

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