My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 403

Chapter 403 ‘What?!’

Preston, who was just about to step on the accelerator, was once again shocked. As he looked at her affirmative gaze, he almost wanted to puke blood. ‘This punk lives in the Military District Compound?!’ The military district in San Joto was not a place any person could enter. Every single person that could live there was all people of influential backgrounds.

Thinking back that how he treated Zeke earlier was decent enough, Preston wiped the sweat off his forehead and planned to start driving. At that very instant, he had broken into a cold sweat. ‘What sort of people has Nicole been hanging out with?’ Zeke’s rather dissatisfied voice then came from behind, sounding somewhat begrudging as well.

“We are not going to the military district. I’ll head back to Northon Institute’s dormitory.” Seemingly being reminded of something, Zeke turned around and looked at Nicole as he gritted his teeth. “Otherwise, I need to wake up at four in the morning! It’s too early. I can’t wake up!”

In order to receive Nicole’s tough training, Zeke, who had never lived in a dormitory before, finally had the honor to experience the famous old dorm of Northon Institute. The school was famous for training its students to be hardworking, spartan, and industrious, but in fact, it was just short on funds!

Nicole gave him a casual look and could see that he was frowning and throwing atantrum. A smile appeared across her eyes as she looked at Preston and flatly said.

“Alright. I need to go back to the Royal Creek Institute’s dormitory. It’s along the way.”

Preston had a somewhat conflicted look in his eyes as he nodded and said nothing as he prepared to send the two back.

He had been through a lot today. He had to say that he was a little worn out and needed to laugh it out. Seeing Preston’s somewhat dour looks, Nicole said flatly, “Preston, please keep the matter of me being Lucifer a secret.”

She had a lot of enemies, and if they were to find out who she was, they would definitely look for her.


Preston nodded. He would continue to keep this a secret for her.

Nicole smiled as a glint appeared in her eyes.

White had appeared before her too many times now. It was high time that she investigated who this person was.

Zeke looked at Nicole strangely as he felt that she was hatching some plans. He was a little worried but could only walk with her step by step. Soon, Preston stopped the car at the gate of Royal Creek Institute. Nicole and Zeke got down together. As Nicole closed the door, she said to Preston, “Your company’s crisis has been solved. Don’t run around. You should go back home.” Preston nodded and was somewhat speechless that she would say something like this. But he soon thought of something as a mischievous smile appeared on his face. “When you have time later, please teach me that technique you pulled off today.” Nicole was slightly taken aback. “This Preston is actually trying to take advantage.’ Zeke looked at Preston with great interest. Nicole would not even agree to teach him no matter how he begged, so Preston’s request was merely wishful thinking! Sure enough, Nicole responded coldly. “I’ve no time. I have exams.”


This answer was enough to make him puke blood! ‘A top hacker like her is frustrated by exams?!’ Yet, Preston could not find anything to retort.

After all, she was indeed a student, and her studies came first…

“Fine..” Preston then let out a sigh as he drove off.

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