My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 402

Chapter 402 The three got out of the elevator, and Nicole immediately tossed Zeke into the backseat of the waiting Mercedes-Benz before getting in herself. After all this trouble, it was almost ten o’clock already. She then said coldly, “A good boy should be sleeping early.”

Zeke puffed up his baby face as he glared at her. “We’re the same age, okay?”

‘Why is she always calling me a kid?’ ‘I’m already a man, d*mn it!’ Zeke cursed inwardly.

When Nicole heard that, she gave him a slothful raise of an eyebrow. Her expression was cold yet dignified.

“I’m three months older than you.” ‘Tch, only three months, what are you so gleeful for?’ Zeke was massaging his rather sore legs from the twenty-five laps he ran this morning as he mumbled to himself angrily.

Preston was not mad that he did not get a response from Nicole as he casually sat in the driver’s seat and prepared to start the car.

Edwin, who had followed them, knocked on Nicole’s window.

As the window winded down, Nicole’s beautiful face was revealed. She looked at Edwin impassively as she asked, “Anything?” Edwin only smiled as he made a victory gesture at her, his handsome face looking somewhat silly.

“Good luck with the exam!”

Nicole paused for a moment as a smile appeared in her eyes. “I will.”

Preston looked at the two with some surprise before asking, “Nicole, what examination are you participating in?”

When Edwin heard Preston’s question, he looked at the latter as if he was looking at a fool before saying, “Preston, your cousin is about to join the Math Olympiad, and you don’t know about it?”

Immediately after, he looked at Preston’s stupefied look as he said impassively, “The questions of the Math Olympiad this time around are designed by Declan Hancock. Even the provincial authorities are taking it very seriously. The governor himself will be personally presenting the prize to the champion!”

‘WHAT?’ ‘That big of a deal?’

Preston looked at Nicole in disbelief. ‘She can actually participate in the Math Olympiad?! Are Nicole’s grades really that bad like what the old man back at home said?’

He looked at Nicole somewhat angrily. It was a ‘two buddies who agreed to be dregs of the class, and now you betray me by using cheats?’ type of anger. Nicole could immediately tell what was on his mind. She shrugged and said, “I was called up to make up the quota. I’m not that good.”

When Edwin heard this, he gave a half-smile, yet Preston seemed to buy it.

‘If Nicole’s result was that good, why would the people of Royal Creek Institute make fun of her results and say that she was unworthy of being the school beauty? ‘Otherwise, why would grandpa tell her to study hard every single day? ‘It’s impossible that Nicole has good grades!’ Preston chose not to consider the possibility that Nicole excelled in academics. After all, Nicole was a highly skilled hacker. The fact that Nicole was academically gifted as well would affect his self-esteem further. In one corner, Zeke looked at him with a look of deep sympathy in his eyes. ‘Others may not know Nicole’s strength, but I do, and Preston is just really naive.’ Thinking of this, Zeke shook his head and sighed as his eyes looking outside grew sullener.

Zeke did not know that his pose now was a straight-up silly weeb pose.

Edwin had already led the employees who were hesitant to get close as much as they wanted to, and Preston had finally calmed himself down as he asked. “Where are you heading?” He asked Zeke for his address as he planned to drop the boy off. Just like what Nicole said, a kid should sleep early. Nicole noticed that Zeke did not want to answer and go back.

She pondered seriously for a moment before giving a reply. “The Military District Compound.”

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