My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Nicole did not notice whatever thoughts might have gone through her head as she was surrounded by a crowd. Many could see that she was not actually very difficult to get along with, so they started talking to her. “Nicole, what’s your relationship with our boss? Both of you are Riddles, are you related by blood?”

“Nicole, how did you get to know Specter? He’s already so skilled. How are you even more skilled than him?”

Nicole glanced at Zeke suspiciously, as if she was questioning him with her gaze. ‘Since when did you become that good?’ Zeke rolled his eyes helplessly. “Come on, I’ve been following after you for so long now, and I’m now Hustuaburg’s number two hacker!”

Even if Nicole did not think he was skilled, he was already the top man in Hustuaburg.

Nicole did not pay much attention to those ranking bells and whistles. After some thought, she felt that what Zeke said made sense, so she did not ask any more questions.

Everyone behind them was very curious about their exchange.

‘What did Specter just say? He has been following this girl for a long time?!’ ‘What’s going on?’

Many of them looked at one another before falling into an awkward silence for two seconds.

In the end, a weak voice rang out, breaking the silence. “Miss Nicole, are you really not Lucifer?” Although Lucifer’s personality was very similar to Nicole’s style, many of them still had doubts.

One of the most difficult things for them to reconcile was Lucifer had stated in Hunter’s information database that he was a male.

Nicole gave the person asking the question a slothful look before breaking into a smile. She let out a very amorphous aura and said, “Take a guess.”

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They were even more surprised, but Nicole had already turned around and left. After entering the elevator, Preston looked at his employees. They did not show any joy when they were told they were getting paid leave, yet when Nicole asked them to “take a guess,’ everyone was elated and surprised, as if figured out the answer.

As the elevator went down, Preston looked at his cousin somewhat helplessly.

“Come on, tell me, what’s going on?” asked Preston. He thought, ‘How did she inexplicably become the top hacker in Hustuaburg all of a sudden? “The name Lucifer was equivalent to a god in the world of hackers!

‘Nicole is actually Lucifer? ‘No wonder that technique she displayed at home earlier was so skilled. ‘I’m such a fool for failing to see that Nicole is Lucifer…’ However, who would have thought that Lucifer was just a high school girl? Zeke turned around at looked at Preston as he whispered to Nicole. “Is he your brother too?’ asked Zeke. He thought, ‘This fella doesn’t look that smart, though.”

Nicole nodded. “He’s my cousin.” “Oh.” Zeke immediately realized. No wonder there was such a gap between him and Nicole. Sensing the two’s disdainful gaze, Preston suddenly felt depressed, yet he could not say anything

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