My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 400

Chapter 400 In three days, the attacker could have stolen everything Edwin and his bunch had devoted so much effort to safeguard. When they finally lost all the valuable data to the attacker, those who were mentally weak would definitely suffer a mental breakdown the moment they discovered the truth: the” firewall” they had worked so hard to protect for days on end was actually a trap – identical to the original firewall — and they themselves might have even executed part of that “firewall” program.

In other words, Nicole had done them justice by wiping all data on the attacker’s hard drive.

Edwin could imagine how wretched the attacker must have felt for having to watch his data being wiped away. The emotional damage could be even worse than what Eric and his bunch would experience if they were to fall for the trap.

The reason Edwin and the bunch had not noticed the trap was simply that the attacker’s strategy was beyond their level.

After Edwin explained the situation briefly, he looked at Warbler, who showed mixed emotions on her face and let out a sigh.

There was a long pause of silence after everyone had learned the truth. Never had they expected that Zeke was not the one who had taken down their firewall. In fact, the attacker had long breached it and even built a fake clone.

While the employees stopped talking, Edwin walked to Nicole and Zeke and bowed to them.” Thank you!” he said sincerely.

Nicole’s tranquil gaze was calmer than ever as she looked at Edwin. She gave him a nod and prepared to leave without saying a word.

Zeke followed Nicole, planning to tag along.

In fact, the two were not bothered whether Edwin and the bunch were feeling in debt. After all, they were paid to do the job.

When Preston had finally recovered to his senses, he grabbed his car keys and clapped his hands.

“Everybody, the crisis has been resolved. I’m giving you three paid days off. Go home and rest


Only then was the rest of them roused from the daze. They were all feeling ashamed for doubting Nicole after listening to Edwin’s explanation.

“We’re so sorry. We doubted you after listening to Warbler. We weren’t in our right mind…”

Before he could finish his words, another person behind him poked him and said with a gloating mockery, “If I’m not mistaken, weren’t you the first who said you would resign?”

The man blushed to tears. He waved his hand, trying to explain. But he was an introverted hacker who seldom socialized. In the end, he could not squeeze a word after a long while.

When he was frustrated to the roof, Nicole’s tranquil voice came.


“It’s okay.” It was a reply to his apology.

That man was startled. His eyes looking at Nicole were full of gratitude.


The reply also stunned the rest of them for a moment as they did not expect Nicole to be easy to talk with.

‘We assumed that she must be hard to get along with because of her indifferent countenance. But now it seems that not only is she pretty, she

is way more affable than any of us could imagine.’ At the thought of this, everyone looked at Nicole with an earnest gaze. Well, everyone except for Warbler thought that. She was glaring at Nicole’s back.

Edwin’s explanation was like a slap in Warbler’s face. As the chief firewall engineer, not only had she failed to notice the system she oversaw had been replaced with a clone, but she had also tried to fix and restructure that fake firewall system with all her might. She felt herself utterly stupid. ‘Everyone, including the attacker, must be thinking I’m the most foolish and useless of all,’ thought Warbler while gritting her teeth in resentment.

She had never suffered such a defeat and made such a grave mistake in her profession!

Although Edwin did not blame her, she could faintly notice a faint disappointment in his eyes. Warbler dug her nails into her palm without noticing. ‘If this b*tch hadn’t seen through the attacker’s tricks, I would’ve remained the most competent female hacker in this company, and Edwin wouldn’t have treated me this way. And most importantly, this pretentious b*tch wouldn’t have become the center of attention!’

‘Even if we had failed our mission, I would’ve had the means to whitewash everything. But this b*tch has put me in a tight spot!’ She stared resentfully at Nicole with naked venom in her eyes.

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