My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 399

Chapter 399 So why did this group of people look at her with strange eyes?’ Zeke came silently behind Nicole and whispered, “I-I accepted the job with my code name, Specter, thinking that it was just another firewall job. I didn’t know the opponent would turn out to be White.”

He was Specter and yet treated Nicole in this way, so the other people need not be rocket scientists to figure out who Nicole was

After Zeke and Nicole had exchanged intel, Black Shark cautiously stepped forward and asked Nicole, “Do you know Lucifer?”

They could not find a second person who could perform such a drastic and sophisticated skill in Hustuaburg

“No. I don’t know.” Nicole said with a straight face.

She ignored the hesitant eyes of those people and casually beckoned Zeke to leave.

Just then, a surly voice came from behind her.

“She couldn’t have been Lucifer. I’m now wondering if this boy is Specter.”

Warbler walked over slowly. Ignoring Black Shark’s disapproving look, she said contemptuously,

“They must have been sent by the other side. Otherwise, why destroy our firewall, and why do they know so well the attack methods of the other side? As far as I know, the attacker is skillful and brutal; it is impossible to defeat him so easily. I guess they must be the spies sent by the attacker, who is desperate to steal our information. So they were sent to distract us.”

Nicole had only taken three and a half minutes to defeat the attack, which had been stumping her for over half a month. So Warbler was jealous of Nicole.

Many of those who had heard what Warbler said started to look at Nicole suspiciously.

‘Yeah, everything seemed to have gone so smoothly-so much so that it feels unreal.’

With so many people agreeing with what she said, Warbler looked at Nicole provocatively. ‘I’m the best female hacker in Hustuaburg; no way this woman is better than me.’

Nicole stood there nonchalantly, looking at her with no emotion in her eyes.

Zeke frowned too, and he looked at Warbler with doubt, seriously suspicious that she had not even figured out what Nicole was doing in the last minute and a half.

The entire operating system of White’s computer had been deleted by Nicole, and she had even erected a new firewall. So it would take at least half a year before White could try to break through the firewall again.

And the deal would have long been over within half a year. The conspiracy that she was a spy sent by the enemy was pure rubbish.

“You’re a staff member here?” he asked casually.

Warbler exploded in an instant. She angrily pointed at Zeke and said coldly, “What do you

think? Of course, I am! I’ll tell you what, I’m the chief engineer of the company’s security program. You have destroyed my security project, and I’m going to make you pay—” Before her voice trailed off, Edwin suddenly spoke with a faint voice from behind her. “That’s enough.”

The real security program had long since crumbled, and the emergency system was bound to be defeated today. The attacker was cunning enough to design an illusion that its own firewall still existed. The attacker enjoyed the feeling of playing with the opponent as if he were an omnipotent god, setting up a huge fraud scheme for everyone to walk into it.

But in reality, the real emergency security program had been breached. The attacker had created an illusion that everything would only collapse after three days to distract them from the attack targets. If they continued to fall for the attacker’s “firewall,” they would discover the database had been emptied only when they were preparing to fight back. That would be three days later, the time the attacker would take down the “firewall.”

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