My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 398

Chapter 398

She is just a hacker, nothing to shout about.’

Zeke watched calmly as Nicole took care of everything. He looked at the people who were rooted to the spot and felt a sense of superiority.

He had already seen Nicole perform her skill multiple times and had long been used to it, so much so that he could now applaud with a straight face,

Zeke casually glanced at their expressions, curling his mouth with disdain.


Edwin looked at Nicole; he had never intended to stop her when she arrived.

He and Nicole had known each other for a long time. When he first saw her, his gut feeling told him that this person had got something in her.

That was why he was so reckless, asking for her help for the first time.

He just did not expect that there was not another master behind her. Instead, she was the master

Edwin raised an eyebrow with interest with a deep appreciation in his eyes,

But the next second he looked at the screen in front of Nicole, his mouth twitching, and he was speechless.

He could not believe that this girl had hacked into the enemy’s computer, manipulating the enemy’s system, deleting everything-including the desktop icons-on it.

She did not even leave the Minesweeper for the other guy.

The group of hackers watched Nicole’s every move and was all quiet for a second.

Black Shark wiped the sweat from his forehead and said with embarrassment, “She-she is the boss?”

Zeke scratched his chin and smiled darkly as he looked at the few letters that Nicole subconsciously typed with her left hand.

On the other side, White looked angrily at the white screen on his computer, which had only a few small black Esperian letters blinking frantically in the lower right corner.


It looked like ridicule, and the tiny letters were spinning and jumping in their place. White cursed in Mecrounia’s most vulgar slang and then smashed the screen to the floor.

‘It’s Lucifer again! This b*****d has ruined it all!’

Someone outside the house entered in a hurry as if hearing the noise here. The person looked at White’s angry face and frowned. “What happened?”

White paced back and forth in the room irritably, rapidly muttering a long string of Esperians.

The person who stormed in quickly summed it up in two words: missio

It had been 20 seconds since he came in. The signature on the screen that was exclusive to

LEDter 18

Lucifer had gone, so he did not know what had happened. ‘But since the mission has failed, White will have to face Mr. Holder’s wrath.’

Thinking of this, the person bowed respectfully and said, “Mr. Holder wants to see you.”

Meanwhile, on the Preston side, everything was over in just three and a half minutes. Nicole slowly pulled back her hand and stepped down from the control panel, only to find everyone looking at her as if they saw a ghost. She looked at them in puzzlement. She had disguised her signature, and they could only see white on the screen; no way they could see the black text at the bottom.

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