My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 397

Chapter 397

“I will definitely quit!”

“Me too!”

The scene was chaotic at one point.

Preston actually wanted to stop Nicole. As much as he knew Nicole was good, this was a highly professional hacking duel. He honestly believed that Nicole could handle it.

But when he got closer and saw the screen in front of Nicole, he was confounded.

Edwin also turned his head. He was surprised to see the red on the screen fading rapidly. It was unlikely the strategy of the other side. It seemed more like the opponent had encountered a formidable enemy and was forced to flee with his tail between his legs.

If the attacker’s code was an endless Trojan virus, Nicole’s countermeasure was the fastest and most effective antivirus software, directly suppressing the attacker with no room for escape.

No matter how deep the black hole was, it could not swallow the sword that could cut it in half. Loading to one hundred percent meant that the firewall had been completely breached, and the door was wide open. The maggot-like code would flock in and cannibalize the system here. Seemingly nothing could stop this from happening. But as soon as the code got in, it found a perpetual motion machine-like cutter on its head, cutting it into pieces so fast that even the self-replicating code could not keep up. The cutter turned around and attacked the computer on the other side, completely bringing the attacker’s system down.

Nicole’s action was extremely fast. She did not care about the surrounding noise but continued to type strings of extremely concise code that inexplicably had a natural suppressing ability on the seemingly powerful program.

The more complicated the attacker’s program was, the more vulnerable it was to this kind of extremely simple code.

The noisy crowd watched what she did. They then looked at the screen in front of her that had been cleaned up. Their doubting voices had stopped, replaced by soft exclamations of awe.

“This is a god-level kind of skill!”

The invincible foe in their eyes had been defeated by Nicole within five minutes and forced to enter defensive mode.

Warbler looked in amazement at what had happened. In Warbler’s perception, no female hacker in Hustuaburg could ever surpass her. But now, after seeing what Nicole did, she was sure that Nicole was multiple times better than she was.

‘Who is she, really?’

Preston was also stunned to see his sister’s badass skill. Like Zeke, he was close by and witnessed everything that Nicole had done.

He noticed that for each small code of the attacker, Nicole used different variants to deal with it, ensuring that the attacker was not given the opportunity to survive and continue to

replicate, suppressing the attacker’s powerful replication ability, and perfectly approaching the source of all the codes, which was the host machine of the attacker. ‘What a speed and responsiveness! Could it be that there is no master behind Nicole, and the real master is Nicole herself?’

Preston looked at his sister with his mouth agape. But soon, he closed his mouth back, and his expression returned to normal. ‘What’s there to be surprised about?’ Preston thought. ‘She is my sister! If she says she could move the earth, I would immediately find her a lever.’

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