My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 396

Chapter 396 He jumped for joy and immediately gave up the control panel. Nicole gently tugged at the cuffs, casually tied her long hair behind her head, and then stepped forward.

Looking at the screen, which had turned fully red, Nicole let out a faint smile. She then casually hit a few keys with her right hand to type out a string of extremely concise code.

“Well done,” she said without looking up.

She just gave Zeke a code with Preston’s computer, and he was able to hold on until she arrived, which was not half bad.

Zeke heard her compliment and was c**k-a-hoop. Watching the opponent’s waves of attack defused by Nicole, his eyes burst with admiration.

That was Lucifer. No opponent could last longer than five minutes in front of her.

Preston, who followed Nicole from behind, had to admit that Nicole was too fast. He had tried his best but still could not catch up.

When the people around saw that it was Preston, they all gave way to him and looked at Nicole with doubt and jealousy in their eyes. Since it was the second boss who brought her, they thought she must also be a master.

But when Preston saw Nicole standing in front of the control panel, his eyes widened in shock

“Nicole, what are you doing up there? Come down!” She was good, but in Preston’s view, challenging the boss of the other side was akin to throwing straws against the wind.

What he said stunned everyone. They all wondered if she was yet another troublemaker.

Black Shark’s vision went dark, and he almost puked blood, his face miserably pale.

Warbler, on the other hand, looked at Nicole’s pretty face with a deep sense of jealousy in her


She stepped forward and tried to drag Nicole down. “Do you know what we’re doing here? This is not a place for a little girl like you who knows nothing to mess with the computer. Get down now!”

Preston was not too happy when he heard this. He smacked Warbler’s hand away and said with a smirk, “Who are you to tell my sister what to do?”

Nicole was better than anyone here, and no one was qualified to lecture her.

Warbler was stunned and then reluctantly let go of her hand. “I didn’t expect her to be a nepotist,’ she mumbled.

As Preston ignored her, Warbler glared at Nicole with intractable jealousy in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Edwin glanced at Warbler with a weird look in his eyes.

Black Shark was jeering at Nicole. “I didn’t expect the boss to bring such a brat here. When even Specter can’t solve the problem, what can she do? She probably can’t even find a way to

download games.” The conceited hackers around him agreed with what he said. They gave up the position to Zeke just out of respect for the top hackers, but Zeke did not seem to be what they imagined. Nevertheless, he was the second on the Hustuaburg hacker list and sixth on the world list, despite his young age, and he was not so legit. They could still tolerate his troublemaking.

But this girl, who came out of nowhere, seemed to be a relative of the boss, so everyone would not accept her.

“Boss, Warbler is right. This is not an Internet café. What are you thinking by letting such a little girl mess with things?”

“Yeah, Boss, you can’t let her do whatever she wants.”


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