My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 395

Chapter 395 No way she would admit that she was not good enough to understand that code. Zeke did not have time to think about what was going on in their minds. His fingers had started to tremble, but instead of taking a step back, he stood strong in front of the terrifying opponent.

‘Lucifer-only Lucifer could beat that man, and all I have to do is buy her time.’ Thinking of this, Zeke’s eyes started to look determined, as if he recalled when Lucifer grew up with him step by step many years ago, and he no longer let fear destroy him but slowly calmed down.

As Lucifer had said, “the hardest thing for a person was to surpass oneself, but few could overcome their own fears.” Looking at the screen that had turned crimson, Zeke’s shaking finally stopped, and Edwin’s voice came from behind him. “It’s okay. We will just give up if you’re scared.” Edwin could tell long ago that the boy was indeed helping him. Warbler looked at her boss with puzzlement as if she did not understand what he meant. Zeke gritted his teeth upon hearing what Edwin said. “I’m not afraid of him,” he said determinedly. Edwin looked at him and gently shook his head. Even he could tell that the other guy had not really launched an attack, but even in the process of cracking the code, Zeke had almost lost.

He seemed to be scared of the hacker on the other side.


Looking at Black Shark’s attitude toward Zeke at the beginning, it was not hard for Edwin to imagine that Zeke should be much better than Black Shark, even the top hacker in Hustuaburg. But he looked so clumsy and appeared powerless when facing the opponent on the other side.

Edwin’s brow furrowed tightly as he wondered what kind of opponent Zeke was facing this time.

Black Shark and Warbler had lost their hope. They stood and watched coldly as their boss tried to comfort the teenager. Just then, Warbler’s keen ear heard the crisp bell of the elevator arriving behind them.

‘Maybe the people downstairs come up to demand an explanation when they see the firewall crumple,” she said in her mind. She could not care less, as she was entirely attracted to the seemingly magical code, and she could not take her eyes off it.

Several people around were also staring at the computer screen in front of Zeke, and no one cared to look at the elevator.

Zeke clenched his fingers nervously, watching as the progress bar was about to hit 100% while thinking that Lucifer might have been tied up with something else and could not make it here on time.

Zeke shook his head to shake the thought from his mind. He then stared again at the JW0900 and whispered something to himself. If those people around him got closer, they would have heard him repeating a sentence. “People live to surpass themselves.” The last mile of the progress bar was often ridiculously slow. Zeke was so nervous that he could hear his increasingly agitated heartbeat. He tried to fight back the urge to run away and quietly waited for this battle to arrive. Just then, he heard a flat voice come from behind him.

“Get out of the way.” Such an indifferent voice was raising some eyebrows. They all wondered which fool had come to the top floor and said something so c***y. Zeke was also stunned upon hearing the voice, and then he could not hide the intense surprise in his eyes. He turned his head excitedly and looked at Nicole’s cold and beautiful face as if he had seen a savior, with two streams of tears flowing down his face. “Nicole, you’re finally here!”

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