My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 394

Chapter 394 “Aaaah, I will kill him!” “Take me along. I want to see what floor that b*****d is on!” “It crumbled straight away; the floors must be high. Oh, wait a second! How come it’s the top floor’s IP?”

‘The mainframe has crashed?’

Everyone looked at what happened, consternation replacing anger on their faces.

‘Those two bosses are mad?’

Black Shark and Warbler watched with reddening eyes as the mischievous child-like Zeke caused their server to crash.

“Specter, I will kill you!”

Zeke ignored the roar and typed rapidly on the keyboard. Before this, he had seen Nicole upload a program that she always used. So it did not matter now, even though the system’s firewall had collapsed. Zeke had called up all the code information quickly and watched the thing automatically doing its cracking

‘Faster! It must be faster than the other guy!’

The other guy’s encroachment was like an endless black hole as if the infinite reproduction of the cracked code far exceeded the parsing speed of ordinary people’s brains. Facing such an opponent, fine beads of sweat started to pop up on Zeke’s forehead

‘D**n it! If Nicole is still not coming, I won’t be able to hold on any longer!’

Black Shark and Warbler watched him desperately crack their defense system and decided to stop a madman like Zeke. But Edwin, who had been silent all this while, suddenly stopped them from doing so. “Hold your horses! He must have his way!”

The two looked at him in disbelief. “Boss, why do you believe in him so much?”

‘What’s going on? Why protect this brat when he’s here creating a mess, Boss?” Edwin said nothing but just looked on with mixed feelings.

Zeke had also become a little anxious now. It was a second before the defense system was completely breached. If Nicole could not make it here on time, he would have to clash head-on with the guy at the other end.

Thinking of the strength of his opponent, even Zeke had a hint of fear in his eyes.

‘No way I could beat him.’

Zeke rarely conceded defeat in his area of expertise, but this wormhole-like reproduction and

erosion of endless code, as far as he knew, could only be written by one person.

The progress bar showed 99 percent, and because information transmission had microseconds of the inspection period, Zeke was now barely faster than the other side.

He did not notice the atmosphere around him, which had become silent. Black Shark and Warbler looked at the almost blood-red screen and closed their eyes silently. ‘It’s over! It’s all over!’ Black Shark was now extremely regretful. His defense system was supposed to hold up for another three days or so, but now it was ruined by a brat.

He looked at the progress bar, which read 99.9 percent, and felt like wanting to kill Zeke. Looking at the blood-red screen, Warbler was supposed to feel the saddest because she was the master designer of this firewall.

But when she took a careful look at the interface, she somehow felt that something was wrong. This code seemed to be inconsistent with her original design, and it was even a thousand times more advanced than what she had designed. Her mind went blank for a moment at seeing this code. ‘What’s going on here?’ Most top hackers were conceited, and so were Black Sharks and Warbler.

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