My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 393

Chapter 393

Thinking of Edwin, who hurried over today at noon, and the little boy whom Black Shark brought this morning, everyone had a curious look on their faces. But they quickly retracted their gazes and looked at the computer in front of them solemnly.

After all, the company had a big problem, and each of them had been working overtime for almost half a month, day and night in shifts, to keep an eye on the defense net in their hands because once a position went wrong, the entire team would fall. This immense pressure overwhelmed many people. They were irascible, talking about how to solve the problem.

Nicole looked at these thin young men and said, “They all must have had a long day.” Preston nodded. He knew best what kind of life these people had had during this time.

Preston looked at Nicole and said helplessly, “Yeah, so we really need you to call someone to help quickly. You said you wanted to come to my company, and now I have already brought you here. Can you call the master over?”

Preston did not know what she wanted to confirm about by coming in person.

Nicole glanced at him and did not say a word.

The elevator stopped at the top floor, where Nicole could see at a glance that it was spacious with classy decoration in shades of gray, a relatively large mainframe in the center, where a group of people surrounded Zeke and Edwin, who had a serious look on their faces. A skinny and pale man looked at Zeke and said impatiently, “You said you would find someone to fix it. Why hasn’t the person arrived yet?”

Zeke glanced at Black Shark. Nicole had sent him a message when she returned, and now she should be on her way.

“Be patient. The rescue will be here right away.”

Edwin looked at the firewall that was blinking its red warning light and looked at Zeke with doubt. “Specter, this firewall seems to disintegrate internally. Is this what you’ve done?”

Zeke looked at him calmly and nodded.

Black Shark blew up instantly. “Why did you do this?”

‘He dismantled this firewall from within. When it collapses, the time and efforts many of us have spent in the past few days will all come to nothing. What the hell is he thinking?’ thought Black Shark

But Zeke just glanced at him nonchalantly and said calmly, “I want to test your emergency response mechanism.”

“Test our emergency response mechanism? Why?’

Everyone looked at Zeke doubtfully. Zeke sighed, looked at the self-deleting firewall program, and said faintly, “Destroy the emergency firewall mechanism.”

‘What? This is the last line of defense against incessant attacks. Instead of helping us defend

against the attack, Zeke wants to destroy the firewall. How could he do this?’

Everyone looked at Zeke angrily. A female hacker code-named Warbler stepped forward and angrily scolded Black Shark, saying, “Look what kind of people you’ve invited! He is not here to help but to sabotage us all.”

She was the most powerful female hacker in the organization and was indispensable for holding up the defensive front.

Seeing Zeke wanting to destroy the things that she had spent much effort to build, Warbler was almost going crazy.

But she did not get mad at Zeke when she saw his baby face. Instead, she vented all her anger on Black Shark, who brought Zeke over.

Black Shark was upset. He did not know that this so-called top hacker on The Hunters was not up to scratch. He would not grant Zeke any privilege simply because he was also a male. So he frowned and grilled Zeke. “What do you want, Zeke?” Zeke did not look at him but stared at the JW0900, which was slightly inferior to the JW3000. The screen clearly showed that the self-destruction procedure was about to be ready. He quickly pressed the start button, and soon, angry roars rose in the company. “Who the hell took down the firewall that I had worked so hard to guard for half a month?”

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