My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 392

Chapter 392

Preston went to the balcony to call Edwin.

Nicole could not hear what he was saying, but she could see him looking back at her from time to time with a more and more stunning look on her face.

After hanging up the phone, Preston calmed himself down. “I didn’t know that you knew things about our company.”

Nicole nodded calmly. Edwin had looked for her before, but she did not trust him, and so she did not help him at the time.

But Zeke had already sent her the details of this job. She had just skimmed through but did not want to get involved.

But looking at the state of the system, Edwin would not be able to survive until tomorrow if she did not help him.

Looking at Preston’s hesitant look, Nicole said with a half-smile. “You don’t want to take me there?”

“No.” Preston shook his head quickly. This job had left him in a mess for so many days, and he had already had enough.

“But Edwin said that he texted you about the expert whom you know. I will be grateful if you can introduce us to him.”

Nicole looked at him nonchalantly. “You want to meet the expert? Let’s go.”

Preston was stunned, wondering what Nicole meant. Nicole was already in the doorway. “What are you still waiting for? Let’s go.” Preston was a little confused, but he still followed Nicole away.

Preston drove his car and came in front of his company, then watched Nicole go in and still could not wrap his brain around what she meant.

‘Aren’t we seeing the hacking master? Why is she going in there? Is she trying to skirt around? But seriously, the skill that she displayed just now was really badass. I wonder how badass the master is behind her.’

Preston collected his thoughts and quickly parked the car, then followed Nicole into the company

Deep down inside, he still believed in Nicole.

Preston did not know why Nicole did this, but he did not question her behavior. Instead, he overtook her and led the way for her.

The place looked more like a precision studio than a company.

As soon as she entered, Nicole saw the high-tech interior decoration, which had a strong futuristic vibe. Preston was doing the explanation while secretly looking proudly at Nicole. He felt a little disappointed when he saw her nonchalant expression.

Nicole knew what he was thinking and felt a little helpless.

Preston did not talk much at home, and she did not expect him to have such a temperament. When it came to issues that he knew, he had a lot to talk about. The two walked along with Preston taking the lead in the elevator. Nicole raised an eyebrow and followed suit. It was a fully transparent sightseeing elevator, which offered a superb view of the outside, and people outside could see things on the inside.

On each floor, many people looked at the slowly ascending elevator. They were curious about who the girl following the boss was.

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