My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 391

Chapter 391

But now he felt powerless.

He had loved the IT industry since he was a child and spent a lot of time learning. His ability was second to none in the country, but this job was too frustrating for him.

If this kept on, his and Edwin’s company would collapse.

The more he thought about it, the paler his face became. His concentration difficulty was causing mistakes with the code he had entered.

Preston stood up and threw his headphones aside in frustration. “D**n!”

He was mad at himself for making such a low-level mistake.

But the moment he turned around, someone sat down in his place.

Then he heard the crackling of the keyboard. Preston looked back and was wide-eyed to see Nicole sitting in front of his laptop. “Hey! What are you doing?” he yelled. That was the terminal of his system, and typing in any piece of code incorrectly would cause huge problems for the entire system.

And Nicole, whom he thought knew nothing, was messing with it. Nicole stared at the screen and hissed. “Shut up if you don’t want your system to crash now.”

Her c***y reply struck Preston dumb.

He looked at the computer screen and saw Nicole skillfully enter a string of high-level code that he had never seen before.

Watching the code that she compiled take effect and fix the bug that he had failed to patch, Preston was utterly astonished.

He never expected that his cousin, who came from the countryside, was actually a hacker master.

Moreover, her skill was above his.

After pressing the last key, Nicole let out a smile as she had fixed yet another hidden vulnerability that Preston had not found.

“Done! You can’t even fix such a simple thing; I guess this is just a meh system.”

Nicole sighed and started to look for problems with the system.

Preston slowly came out of his shock. Being belittled, he, of course, looked not too happy. But after witnessing what Nicole had done, he could only let go of his ego and take a closer look at the screen. “You’re also a hacker?” he asked in a low voice.

“Haven’t you seen it with your own eyes?” she said without looking up.

Preston choked, all the haughty attitude that he had toward Nicole vanishing,

“Who did you learn from? That’s badass!” He had spent a lot of money learning this, yet

Nicole from the countryside did it better than he did.

“Talent.” She did not look at him, and her reply upset Preston.

‘She is really arrogant. No wonder the other two sisters hate her so much.’ He thought to himself. But at this time, he found Nicole quite pleasing to the eyes. After all, her skill was of master level.

After reading the entire system that Preston and Edwin had written, Nicole closed the lid of the laptop, got to her feet, and looked solemnly at Preston. “What’s wrong?” Preston was confused, not knowing why she looked at him like this. “Take me to your company.”

Preston could not react for a moment. “What do you mean?”.

Nicole then showed him the text message that Edwin had sent her. “He asked me for help, and I refused last time. For the sake of the Riddle family, I will help you this time.” Preston was stunned. ‘Could Nicole be the expert whom Edwin said had refused to help them last time?’

Preston almost choked on his saliva and coughed violently. “Wait-wait a second. Let me confirm it with Edwin.”

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