My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 390

Chapter 390 “No, it’s just that the sun is bigger and hotter now.” Sean smiled. “How’s your grandma? Did she ask you to stay?” Nicole looked into the big eyes in the rearview mirror and nodded affirmatively. “No, she asked me to get along with you.”

“It seems that your grandma is very happy with us.” Sean breathed a sigh of relief. He started the car and drove back toward San Joto. Nicole was bored and glanced at her phone.

Suddenly, she received a text message from Edwin. [Please, help me find that master. If he doesn’t show up, I’ll be done for.]

Nicole raised an eyebrow. In fact, she and Edwin did not know each other well, but this morning he took her grandmother on a tour of the school, and he was indeed considerate. So she considered she owed him a favor. She just did not know why he was looking for Lucifer. Looking up at Sean, she mused for a moment and then asked Sean, “Do you know Edwin?” “Edwin?” Sean wondered for a second. “Is it the guy from the Bradford family-the one who started a hacking company with Preston?” Nicole knew that aside from having a business relationship with Harvey, Edwin also seemed to be close to Preston at school. But she did not know that the two of them actually had a hacking company. “There should have only one Edwin in the school,” Nicole said in a whisper. “That’s him.” Sean’s eyes darkened suddenly. “I’m not very familiar with Preston and the Bradford guy, but recently I got the wind that they had got a tricky job, which I heard they accepted without knowing the client’s background. If they fail, their company will collapse and maybe implicate the Riddle family as well.”

Recently, Riddle Corporation had been fighting with the McCarthy family for land, and Sean had not looked into it carefully.

“Oh? Will things really implicate the Riddle family?” That was a surprise to Nicole.

She did not mean to help Edwin, but if it affected the Riddle family, it would be another story.

After all, she also knew that things were not looking up for the Riddle family recently. “Yeah, I haven’t had time to do much digging lately. How come you and Edwin know each other so well?” Sean glanced inquisitively at her.

“I don’t know him well,” Nicole said without hesitation. She wanted nothing to do with the people around Harvey “Okay,” Sean asked nothing more and drove silently.

Meanwhile, Nicole secretly contacted Zeke on her phone.

After all, since the last time he had given her a job, things seemed to have something to do with it.

She was stunned to see that F logo after some digging. ‘No way! Is Rowan the one who is behind this mission?’ Now, Nicole had no reason not to help. Sean drove Nicole back to San Joto, expecting her to go back to the campus since her monthly exams were just around the corner. But Nicole wanted to go back to the mansion first.


So Sean sent her home before he drove back to the office. As soon as Nicole stepped into the house, she saw Preston sitting in the dining room typing on his laptop

They had not talked much to each other, but he was also her cousin. When her second uncle’s family singled out her and her parents several times previously, Preston had remained silent, which showed that he was still a decent person.

Nicole went around Preston’s back without making a sound.

Preston was fixing some tricky code. The backup system was breaking apart little by little, and if something went wrong, he had to fix it right away, or the destruction would speed up.

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