My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 389

Chapter 389 She knew it; it was still Mrs. Wallace Sr. who cared for her the most. Daniel, his wife, and their children saw Nicole and Mrs. Wallace Sr. out. As they came out of the door, Sean drove over a low-key but luxurious Mercedes-Benz. This Mercedes-Benz’s sport-sedan was well known for its comfort. Sean chose the car with Mrs. Wallace Sr. in mind.



Nicole raised an eyebrow as she watched Sean get out of the car and open the door for Mrs. Wallace Sr., then waited until her grandmother had gotten in before he returned to the driver’s seat.

Nicole was touched by his heartwarming gesture.

Sean might be taciturn, but he was very thoughtful.

Not wanting to delay further, Nicole also got into the car and sat next to her grandmother.

Great Oak was about a two-and-a-half-hour to three-hour drive from here. Time passed quickly as the three of them chatted all the way.

Arriving at the destination and before getting out of the car, Mrs. Wallace Sr. looked at Nicole and felt reluctant to leave.

Sean saw this and gave them a little more time, motioning for Nicole to send her grandmother upstairs while he waited downstairs.

As Nicole and her grandmother entered the house, Mrs. Wallace Sr. took Nicole’s hand and asked anxiously, “Tell me the truth-why did Mr. Riddle Sr. say your grades had slipped? Was it because you were distracted since coming to San Joto?”


Nicole smiled, not expecting Mrs. Wallace Sr. to be still mindful of it. “No, there is no exam yet. He doesn’t know what my grades are; he’s just worried.”



Mrs. Wallace Sr. was relieved. She exhorted Nicole and patted her hand as if thinking of something. “Before this, I was worried that the Riddle family would not be able to accept you, but after I saw your parents and brothers, and they’re all good to you, I’m at ease.”




“You don’t have to worry about me again. Just take good care of yourself.” She did not tell her grandmother that she had again transferred some money to her grandmother’s bank account while they were on the way back.

“I know,” Mrs. Wallace Sr. said with a smile. She suddenly thought of Jared and said, “You are not small any longer. If you meet someone you like, open your eyes wide. I think the guy who sent us home in the afternoon is not half bad at all.” Mrs. Wallace Sr. did not wish Nicole to find someone wealthy, but she really liked Jared.

Nicole was slightly startled and blushing. She could not help but ask back, “You like him?”

‘What exactly did Jared do to my grandmother that she likes him so much?’ Nicole asked in her mind.

Mrs. Wallace Sr. thought for a moment and then said calmly, “He is very polite, speaks

pleasantly, and I can see that he is gentle with you and in his manners.”

Nicole raised an eyebrow. “Edwin is also a gentleman, right?” She still felt that her grandmother was biased toward Jared.

Mrs. Wallace Sr. waved her hand impatiently. “Are you making fun of me?”

Seeing that she was busted, Nicole stopped asking. She got up and waved at Mrs. Wallace Sr.” You must be tired. Rest early. When I’m done with the monthly exam, I’ll come back to see you when I have time.”

Having seen her grandmother today and knowing that she was still healthy, Nicole felt much at ease.

“Okay.” Mrs. Wallace Sr. smiled gently. Nicole returned a smile and then left. Downstairs, Sean was still standing by the car. When he saw Nicole come back out, he opened the door and signaled for her to hurry up.

Nicole wasted no time in getting into the back seat, and Sean jumped back into the driver’s seat, held the steering wheel with one hand, and loosened the tie with the other. Nicole could not help but feel grateful when she saw that. “Thank you for waiting, Sean.”

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