My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 388

Chapter 388 Nicole introduced all her brothers to Mrs. Wallace Sr. over dinner. Mrs. Wallace Sr. looked at the twin siblings of Spencer and Samuel and smiled. “You two seem to have the best relationship with Nicole, right?” Both Spencer and Samuel had been fetching Nicole food during dinner as if afraid that she could not eat enough. – She knew very well that the adults sitting here were mere of formality. Those kids who were willing to come back and meet an old lady like her were the ones really having a good relationship with Nicole. Samuel nodded in response. He was extra gentle in front of Mrs. Wallace Sr. “That’s for sure. Nicole and I are buddies.” Spencer smirked. Just as he was about to say something, Nicole suddenly said solemnly, “Yes, Samuel is the most cheerful and the one closest to me. He is impulsive, but he is a good guy.” Again, Spencer tiţtered upon hearing that, not giving Samuel a face. Samuel’s face darkened instantly. While he tried to make a good impression on Mrs. Wallace Sr., Spencer, even Nicole, were rocking the boat. He looked up with some displeasure. “Hey, Nicole, you’re too much. Nicole did not let him finish. She looked at Mrs. Wallace Sr. with a serious face. “He’s a good brother, though.” Mìs. Wallace Sr. could not help but smile and nod. She could see that Nicole was really close to her brothers, and they seemed to be getting along well. Mr. Riddle Sr. could not help but smile upon hearing what Nicole said. As if he suddenly thought of something, he quickly put up a serious face again. “I don’t care what you all do on normal days, but you all must not let your grades slip. Do you all understand?”  Mrs. Wallace Sr. looked at Nicole with some surprise as if trying to say something. But Nicole just nodded nonchalantly. “Don’t worry, I will,” she said solemnly.

Only then did Mr. Riddle Sr.’s face brighten up. After he had finished eating, he instructed the servants to prepare a room for Mrs. Wallace Sr., but Mrs. Wallace Sr. declined. “I really appreciate your hospitality, but I’m going back to Great Oak. Thank you, anyway.” Nicole looked at Mrs. Wallace Sr., but there was nothing she could do. She knew her grandmother did not like to bother others and was adamant about leaving. Mr. Riddle Sr. was nonplussed for a second and then sighed. “Since this is the case, I will ask the chauffeur to send you back when you leave.”

Mrs. Wallace Sr. nodded in thanks, and Nicole had no objection. Sean suddenly said, “I’ll send

Mrs. Wallace Sr. home.”

Mr. Riddle Sr. nodded. “Okay, but make sure you take care of the guest.” Sean nodded, promising to complete the task. Mr. Riddle Sr. then went upstairs, leaving the others to dine with Mrs. Wallace Sr. In their father’s absence, Dillon and his wife could not bother to entertain those whom they saw as inferior. They also went upstairs to retire for the day. Damien and Miley did not look too patient, either. They quickly finished their meal and went to see Mr. Riddle Sr. Now, only Daniel and his wife remained to entertain Mrs. Wallace Sr. An hour later, Mrs. Wallace Sr. saw that the time was almost up and got to her feet. “It’s getting late now. I have got to go. Please take good care of Nicole, Mr. and Mrs. Riddle,” she said to Damien and Gloria.

It was her only wish. “Don’t worry. We will.” Gloria nodded to assure her. Nicole was touched. Apparently, her grandmother was afraid that she could not get used to living here and came to see if she was okay.

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