My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 387

Chapter 387 “Why don’t you take it as a break from having to serve dad?” Karen asked. Damien did not want to argue with a woman. He was deep in thought, with his face darkening. Miley, on the side, did not hear the undertone of what Karen said. Clueless about what happened, she looked at Karen and then at her husband, trying to persuade him. “Exactly, Damien. Dad is still sick, and it could be contagious. Having a change of seat isn’t a bad idea after all.”

Damien’s face sank even further upon hearing what Miley said. He took a deep breath and then turned to look at Miley, who knew nothing about what happened in the family and only wanted her daughter to become a star all day long. She simply sounded incomprehensible to him when she said such stupid things. ‘What do you mean by changing sitting position is not a bad thing? Don’t you know what that seat means? I’m afraid that after this meal, my position in the family will be reduced to inconsequentiality. I used to be the person whom Dad trusted the most. I always sat on his right-hand side, where it was more convenient to talk to Dad and report things to and get opinions from him. But now, my position in his heart seems to have been shaken. Even a junior is entitled to take my seat. I can’t stand this anymore!’ Thinking of this, Damien shot a frosty glance at Miley, his sanity stopping him from hitting back at Miley now, but the icy look in his eyes was all too apparent. When he first married this woman from the Rogers family, he thought it would help him in his career. But now, it seemed that she was not of much help. Miley was frightened by his glance, but she did not understand why. ‘What exactly is Damien mad at me for? I said this out of concern, just wanting him to take a good rest.’ Thinking of this, Miley looked a little aggrieved. Karen almost wanted to laugh out loud at Miley’s stupidity. She turned to whisper something to Dillon, and Dillon snickered.

Feeling not too happy with Karen’s triumphant attitude, Miley shot a glare at her. ‘No matter how proud Karen is, there is one thing that she can never beat me-my daughter is miles better than Karen’s!’

Karen said that Harvey of the Ellison family and Snow were a couple, but that is no sign of anything happening yet. In contrast, Chloe has already gotten a role in Nachelle’s movie. But unbeknownst to Miley, Chloe had not dared to tell her that Nachelle had dropped her from the role.

So when Miley thought of her precious daughter, she felt much better. She snorted at Karen and then turned to whisper to Damien. “Don’t get angry. Chloe said she’d be invited to dinner with Nachelle in a few days. Do you think we should also go along?” Damien turned his head around and squinted at his cautious-looking wife upon hearing her mention Nachelle.

“How did Chloe get Nachelle’s invitation?” he asked.

Miley thought for a moment and said, “It seems to have something to do with my mother. She spent a lot of money to get an invitation to the banquet at Nachelle’s house and planned to send Chloe over to build rapport with Nachelle.”

Only then did Damien look straight at Miley with a light flashing in his eyes behind the gold framed eyeglasses.

“How many invitations have you got there?” he asked.

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