My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Steve and Sean also nodded. They had just arrived from the office and happened to meet their three brothers coming back from school.

Mrs. Wallace Sr. looked at the young lads, seeing them stand at Sean’s side, and guessed that they should be Nicole’s brother. Looking at faces, which had reddened from running, she did not want to say anything but waved her hand to show that she did not mind and motioned them to take their seats. Nicole saw her brothers sitting down next to her and knew that they had set store by her and thus accepted Mrs. Wallace Sr. and that they wanted to let Mrs. Wallace Sr. know that she had not been mistreated in the Riddle family. That was why they took time out of their busy schedule to come back Thinking of this, Nicole felt her emotion surging. Samuel sat next to Nicole and winked at Nicole, who looked at him with a smile in her eyes. At 6:10 p.m., the door was opened again, with Preston coming back from outside. Karen quickly motioned him to sit down beside her to have dinner.

But Preston ignored her. Instead, he pulled out an empty chair on one side and sat by Mr. Riddle Sr.’s side.

Mr. Riddle Sr. said nothing when he saw this. Instead, he instructed the dinner to be served, as he would not wait for his other two sons.

It was not until the start of the dinner that Damien and Dexter arrived, followed by Ellar and Emery, but none of Damien’s kids were following him.

Just as Damien wanted to take a seat, his face sank all of a sudden when he saw Preston sitting in his seat.

“Preston, why are you sitting here?” asked Damien, as he was the only person qualified to take that seat all along.

Preston did not look at him but took out his mobile phone and played games with the headphones on, blocking himself from hearing Damien’s voice. Damien was infuriated, but he was not a fool like Dillon. He quickly got his emotions under control and turned to look at Mr. Riddle Sr.

“Dad, are you letting him be just like this?” he asked with a questioning tone. He remembered Mr. Riddle Sr. had always indulged his children.

But Mr. Riddle Sr. seemed to be not too unhappy with him today because he was late. He ignored Damien’s question and casually knocked on the table. “You’re late. What is the problem with the child sitting here with me? Don’t be so calculating,” he said with little emotion and then picked up the cutlery, obviously unwilling to hear Damien say more.

Damien’s hands clenched into fists, his expression a little grave. He then looked at the old lady

and Nicole sitting across from Mr. Riddle Sr.

He somehow noticed that his position in the family had begun to wane. He went from being the one to whom everyone looked up to being lesser than the kids-probably even more insignificant than an old lady in rags. Damien was furious, but he gritted his teeth and sat down next to Dillon. Dillon did not mind that, as Preston, who was sitting beside Mr. Riddle Sr., was his son. ‘What is there to complain about?’ he thought. Karen also had no intention of calling his son back. After all, Preston seemed to have become close to Mr. Riddle Sr., which was not a bad thing for her and her husband. Thinking of this, Karen smiled with her lips pursed. She looked at Damien with a hint of mockery on her face.

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