My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 385


Chapter 385 Now that Mr. Riddle Sr. was pissed, and they did not want to defy him, they had no choice but to leave Nicole alone for a few more days.

Mrs. Wallace Sr. was here just to check out the Riddle family’s attitude toward Nicole. Mr. Riddle Sr.’s attitude was clear, so she had nothing to worry about. She was not used to staying in such a ridiculously large family, and it did not help that Mr. Riddle Sr. asked her to stay longer. Mrs. Wallace Sr. wanted to decline but was worried that her refusal might affect the Riddle family’s opinion of Nicole. Just as Mrs. Wallace St. was in a dilemma, Nicole said deprecatingly, “It’s alright, Grandpa. My grandma isn’t familiar with this place, and I’m going to sit for exam soon. I’m afraid I will not have time to accompany her. Maybe when Grandma comes next time, she can stay here longer.

Upon hearing what Nicole said, Mrs. Wallace Sr. let out a long sigh of relief. She turned to Mr. Riddle Sr.

“Yeah, it’s so courteous of you to invite me to have a meal here. I don’t want to trouble you again. Anyway, thank you very much,” Mrs. Wallace Sr. said with a nod of thanks. Mr. Riddle Sr. did not insist. He smiled and nodded back. “It’s alright. How about we start dinner now?”

He felt Mrs. Wallace St. kind and congenial when he saw her. “Okay.” Mrs. Wallace Sr. nodded obligingly. Everyone agreed, and Daniel and his wife had a smile on their faces. Dillon was also relieved simply because he did not have to live with this old lady. ‘I didn’t expect Nicole’s grandmother to be so unappreciative of dad’s kindness, just like Nicole. She befits the person who raised Nicole; the two are equal fools.’

Unlike Dillon and his wife having an ax to grind each, Nicole stood by her grandmother’s side and talked to her.

Mrs. Wallace Sr. whispered to Nicole, “Thank goodness you spoke for me. Otherwise, I couldn’t have refused it.”

Nicole looked at her cute grandmother with a faint smile in her eyes. “No sweat. I know you don’t like staying in other people’s places.”

Having lived with Mrs. Wallace Sr. for so many years, no way Nicole did not know that Mrs. Wallace Sr. disliked life in big cities.

Besides, she did not even live in the Riddle family now. Mrs. Wallace Sr. would feel uncomfortable staying alone in her grandfather’s mansion or her parents’ house. Coupled with the fact that her aunts and uncles were not that friendly, she was worried that her grandmother would be bullied.

Given Mrs. Wallace Sr.’s character, she would definitely grin and bear it even if she was wronged. With this thought in mind, Nicole’s eyes became gentler. After saying a few words with her parents, she and Mrs. Wallace Sr. sat down on her grandfather’s left. Mr. Riddle Sr. had a casual chat with Mrs. Wallace Sr. Soon, the clock hands in the hall were pointing at 6:00 p.m., but his grandsons had not arrived. He frowned, upset that they were getting more and more unruly. Just as he started to get angry, the door opened, and Nicole’s five brothers all hurried in. Sean had met Mrs. Wallace Sr. before. Seeing her at the dining table, he quickly brought his brothers over and greeted her. “It’s my pleasure to see you here, Mrs. Wallace Sr.” “You’re Nicole’s grandma? You look so young.” “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Wallace.” “Nice to meet you.” Steve, Stanley, and others greeted Mrs. Wallace Sr. in tandem. Samuel was the last to speak. He scratched his head and said awkwardly,” “I’m sorry, I’m late.

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