My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 383

Chapter 383 All of them turned around stiffly.


Everyone was looking up at the stairs. They could not believe their eyes when they saw Mr. Riddle Sr. on his feet. Nicole helped him walk downstairs. Her brows furrowed when she saw her grandmother standing there being bullied. However, it was heartwarming for Nicole to see Gloria standing in front of her grandmother protecting her.” Dillion and his wife tried to look normal as they did not want to act rashly in front of their dad. A hint of disappointment flashed upon Mr. Riddle Sr.’s eyes as he looked at Dillion. Mr. Riddle Sr. was furious with Dillion, his hands trembling. Dillion was quite loud just now. So, Mr. Riddle Sr. heard everything as he walked down the hall. ‘Dillion was way out of line. How could he say such awful words to Mrs.

Dillion did not look as proud as before when he noticed his father’s face was contorted with anger. He quickly sat upright and forced a smile as he looked at his father.

“How are you, Dad? Are you feeling better? Why did you come down?” Karen was disgusted by her husband’s reaction. ‘How can Dillion still be so afraid of his dad?!’ Even though Karen was not happy with her husband’s reaction, she flinched the moment she noticed her dad was furious. She quickly withdrew her hand and stood behind her husband. Mr. Riddle Sr.grunted as he looked at the both of them.

“Why did you ask? Were you hoping that I wouldn’t be on my feet ever again?!” Dillion kept quiet as he knew whatever he was going to say would only upset his father further.

However, he was disgusted by the way Mrs. Wallace Sr. dressed. He twitched his mouth in a grimace and voiced his displeasure. “Dad, Don’t be mad at me. Look at what Daniel did. How can he bring someone dressing like a beggar into our house?” Nicole’s face darkened when Dillion called Mrs. Wallace Sr. a beggar. Mr. Riddle Sr. noticed her emotion rather quickly and patted her hand to comfort her. He then turned around and glowered at Dillion.”

“You were so rude to Mrs. Wallace Sr.! Apologize to her now!” said Mr. Riddle Sr.


‘Did dad just ask me to apologize to a beggar?!’ Dillion stood still. Mr. Riddle Sr. squinted. ‘This brat doesn’t even listen to me now. Does he not respect me anymore?!’

Nicole helped Mr. Riddle Sr. walk toward Dillon and the rest. Although Dillion heard his father

loud and clear, he still refused to apologize to a beggar. He believed that his father would not embarrass him in front of outsiders no matter what he did.

‘It was probably just for the show!’ While Dillion felt pretty confident about his own thought, a sudden gust of wind whooshed from behind him! He then felt a sharp pain in his knees while he was still processing what was happening. “Ahhh!” screamed Dillion. A powerful blow dropped him to his knees, making him look wretched and embarrassing. “How dare you kick me, Nicole?!”

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