My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 382

Chapter 382 Mrs. Wallace Sr. looked at Gloria and asked her a question, “You found a daughter before Nicole, didn’t you?” Gloria and Daniel looked at each other, and both bowed their heads in shame.

Norah was angry and did not come home for a few days, so Gloria was worried about her.

Two nights ago, she heard a servant say Norah had come home but just took a look and left afterward. No one knew why she did not enter the house, but Gloria was thinking of visiting her in school if Norah still did not come home in two days.

Daniel also sighed when Norah came to mind. It was all because they did not conduct a DNA test that they mixed Norah up with Nicole, which was equally hurtful to both Nicole and Norah. Mrs. Wallace Sr. saw that they were genuinely sorry for Nicole. It had been a great dereliction of duty as parents for them to find Nicole back only after so long. Mrs. Wallace Sr. was thinking of reproaching them. But seeing their guilty faces, she, at last, said nothing. No parent did not want to have their children growing up beside them. Daniel and Gloria must have been very painful to lose Nicole by negligence at that time. The disappointment that came after realizing that they had mistaken someone else for their daughter did not help, either. The time and effort they had spent and the amount of distress must be huge

So there was no need for her to harp on the issue again. Mrs. Wallace Sr. sighed again. She looked at Daniel and Gloria and said solemnly, “You may give Nicole freedom, but you must also hold her hand and lead her to the way home. You only need to be good to her, and she will reward you endlessly. So you must treat her well.”

Daniel and Gloria nodded assuredly.

Mrs. Wallace Sr. smiled with relief and still wanted to say something. Just then, the door suddenly opened, and a surly voice came from the outside.

“How can you allow any Tom, D**k, and Harry to enter the Riddle Mansion?”

It was Dillon. He walked in, circled around, and sneered at the quaintly dressed Mrs. Wallace Sr., who was sitting at the table.

Only then did he sit down on the sofa on the opposite side, cross his legs, and say to Daniel, ” Aren’t you afraid of making yourself a laughingstock by inviting a garbage collector into our house?”

Dillon appeared triumphant. Daniel looked at him with unconcealed anger on his face. “You can mock me, but please don’t get Nicole’s grandma involved.” ‘What? This old lady was the person who raised the brat?’

The malice look in Dillon’s eyes was all too obvious. He almost laughed out loud. “Why can’t I talk about her? She dressed so badly; isn’t she a garbage collector?”

Gloria could not bear his insults and stood up. “Dillon, I respect you as my brother-in-law, but please respect others and don’t spew your insults.” Gloria’s words hit him where they hurt the most. Dillon went from humiliated to angry, jumping up, wanting to slap Gloria. “You b*tch! How dare you say this to me?” Karen, who had returned to visit Mr. Riddle Sr., had just gone downstairs and could not help but frown when she heard the noise in the living hall.

She had not spoken to Dillon lately because Dillon had humiliated her in front of everyone last time. But then, she also felt she could not bear to watch her husband being bullied and do nothing. So she rushed down the stairs. “Are you crazy, Gloria? How dare you insult my husband! Believe me,I’m going to tear your mouth off!” Amid the chaos, a commanding voice suddenly came from upstairs. “Cut it out!” Dillon’s hand was being grabbed by Daniel, and Karen was frozen in her posture of rushing toward Gloria.

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