My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 245

Chapter 245

When Dillon thought of this, a glint of hatred appeared in his eyes.

When he thought of Nicole’s vow that she could find a good doctor, he felt extremely pissed off.

Fortunately, he had a good, useful daughter.

As long as Snow h****d up with Harvey, then he can only rise upwards.

As he thought of this, he gave Snow a call and told her what had happened in the hospital.

He then indicated that he did not trust Nicole and asked Snow if she could get Harvey to look for a better doctor so that he could shove what Nicole said to him back at her.

When Snow heard that Nicole could call forth the special forces, she was stunned.

“Dad, you aren’t pulling my leg, right?” Dillon’s voice suddenly turned into a growl.

“Why would I pull your leg? Nicole indeed called several special forces soldiers over, and I suspect she must’ve gotten grandpa to the military hospital.

Those hospitals are much better than the ones outside! Go and ask Harvey for me.

Isn’t the Ellison family somewhat linked to the Third Army? Get him to find out where grandpa is and help me to get a good doctor to treat him!” “That way, when the old man wakes up, he will thank me!’ When Snow heard that, she frowned a little.

What did Dillon take Harvey for? A servant at his beck and call? ‘He’s taking Harvey way too lightly.”

Thinking of this, her voice was a little cold.

“I’ll do my best, but Harvey might not agree.”

When Dillon heard that, he was a little annoyed.

“Why will he not agree? Isn’t he your boyfriend? It’s just a small matter.

Why won’t he agree? Snow, are you trying to hoodwink me? Let me tell you, if there’s no me, there won’t be vou today.

You he

Snow listened impassively as she grasped her phone hard.

A moment later, she softly said, “.

Got it.” Dillon then lectured his daughter for a while before hanging up as he walked to the garage with satisfaction.

After the call was hung up, Snow held on to the posture of taking a call for a bit before putting her hand down.

After some hesitation, she sent Harvey a text message.

“Harvey, where are you? I want to see you.” Sure enough, the message was the same as the previous ones, destined to be ignored.

Snow scowled as she angrily threw her phone onto the floor, her chest heaving in a fury.

The expensive phone landed on the floor and bounced twice on the carpet.

The blackened screen suddenly lit up as a tone of a new incoming message rang out.

Snow paused for a bit as she excitedly knelt on the ground and picked up her phone as if she was holding a treasure.

She carefully tapped on the screen and checked the message Harvey had sent back

“I’m at the principal’s office.

Wait for me outside.”

Snow was so happy she almost jumped.

This was the first message Harvey had replied to her in days.

She quickly stood up and ran over to her dressing table to put on the most perfect makeup on her face.

She then smiled to herself in the mirror, and after making sure nothing was wrong, she left and asked her driver to send her to school.

The trip was only twenty minutes long, yet it felt like a few years for Snow.

She tried to maintain her dignified demeanor and elegance, yet she could not help but urge, “Hurry up, I have something important at school.”

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