My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 495 by NovelsYou

Chapter 495

“This one is from me,” Elliot told her with a smile on his face as he rested his chin on his arm.

Anastasia was slightly startled holding the card in one hand. “You are giving me a card?”

“It is a card that does not have a limit. You can use it as you like.” His sharp eyebrows raised slightly, his eyes full of love for her.

These were probably the words any woman loved hearing the most. Anastasia, too, couldn’t hide the smile on her face as she moved on to the next present. “Is this one from Grandma?” she asked.

“Open it and see.”

Elliot was curious as to what Harriet prepared as well. The elderly woman hadn’t told her a thing, after all.

Anastasia opened the present, and when she poured the contents of the present, a strange card that looked like an access card fell out.

“What is this?” she asked.

Elliot glanced at it before he replied with a smile, “The access card to Cloud Residence No. 1’s top floor loft unit.”

She was startled again after hearing his words. If her memory served her correctly, she had somehow come across the insane price of a unit at Cloud Residence No. 1. She also saw how the price of the big loft had been raised to about 100 million.

And the access card to such a place was in her hand right this moment.

“I-I can’t accept it!” Anastasia wouldn’t reject the black card from her future husband, but Harriet’s present was too expensive for her to accept.

“Why not? Everything the Presgraves have will belong to you in the future.” Elliot then added, “I remember telling you before about a top private kindergarten in the area. The security measures are top-notch, and their education system is also the best internationally. Grandma cares about both your safety and Jared’s education.”

Upon hearing that, Anastasia could feel a gush of warmth in her chest. The loft might

be expensive, but what was more valuable and heartwarming to her was Harriet’s kindness and sincerity toward Anastasia and her son.

Hence, Anastasia had no choice but to accept it as well. She then took the black card again and took a look, and her red lips curled into a smile. “I am finally a rich lady.” she cheered.

The man instantly corrected her, “You mean you are my lady.”

Upon hearing that, Anastasia bashfully chewed on her red lip. “Not yet!”

The man had come to sit beside her at some point. He wrapped his long arms around her as he muttered, “It will be soon.” After saying that, he pressed his thin lips to her forehead. “I can’t wait to announce this.”

She started to count the days then. It appeared there were only 15 days left before she was officially his fiancée.

It all still felt like a dream to her.

Anastasia had only returned to the country with Jared then to live a quiet life where she would steadily earn money to raise the child. She had only planned to keep her focus on her career and her child. However, she somehow managed to gain a husband within a year of coming back here.

Come to think of it, she and Elliot had only been together for only about a year.

Back at the Tillman Residence, Erica started treating Francis like he was a stranger after she found out the truth of her birth.

She would try her best to not call him ‘Dad’. Her eyes when she looked at him were those of an outsider’s.

Francis was sitting on the sofa when he noticed Erica all dressed up and ready to leave. Out of concern, he asked, “Erica, where are you going so late at night.”

“… I am heading out.”

“It’s too late. It is not safe for a girl like you to go out by yourself. Why don’t you just stay at home and take a rest?”

“I have an appointment with a friend,” she muttered with her head low before she left.

This daughter of ours is getting more and more stubborn!” Francis sighed as he shook his head. When Naomi heard that, she smoothly hugged him around his neck from behind and said, “Don’t bother with her, my dear. She is an adult now. You can’t make her decisions for her.”

He turned and threw a glance at his wife briefly before she sat down with him. “Francis,” she started. “Anastasia is getting engaged soon. What do you think we should give her as a present?”

Francis had given a proper thought about what dowry he could give before. After thinking about it for a moment, he told Naomi, “I am not sure what she doesn’t have. Let me ask her. We will give her anything she doesn’t already have!”

Naomi’s face turned sour then. She was starting to magnify all the good ways Francis was treating Anastasia. It even seemed to her as though Francis couldn’t wait to give out all the money he had if he could.

“Would you give her the company as a dowry if she wanted it?”

He momentarily froze at her words. “Anastasia is the one who will take over my company anyway!”

“How about Erica, then? Are you going to give her the company too if that is what she wants?” Naomi tried probing.

“But Erica doesn’t have a spouse yet!”

She was getting madder by the second. She eventually stood up and as she was walking away, she turned to look at Francis for a short second, the murderous intent evident on her face.

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