My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 493 by NovelsYou

Chapter 493

Early morning the next day, Alex secretly made an appointment with Naomi and Erica. After they had all arrived in the private room of the appointed restaurant, he began to tell them in detail about the plan Hayley had told him last night. Erica was fairly startled as she listened to his words, but Naomi was surprisingly calm as she sat there.

“Alex, do you have the confidence to do this?”

“Of course, the two of you will have to lend a hand in this.” He didn’t want to be the only one who was responsible for it.

Erica, however, was still too timid to do something that would harm her father. She muttered in a small voice, “Mom… Dad~”

Naomi immediately cut her off as she threw a glance at her daughter. “You call him your Dad, but has he ever thought of you as his daughter?”

Alex chimed in too, “Erica, your mother is right. President Tillman only has eyes for Anastasia. The will shall take effect immediately if you don’t act now. It is still not too late to alter the will. You won’t be getting anything otherwise.”

Upon hearing that, Erica was instantly filled with resentment for Francis. She clenched her jaw before she finally said, “Okay. I agree with your plan.”

Naomi and Alex continued chatting into the afternoon before he finally left. They decided to first have Francis killed, then secretly change his will. They would be bribing lawyers along the way and have the company divided into three equal parts, Naomi and Erica would each hold one part of it, whereas Anastasia would have the other one. This would make the mother and daughter own more than 60% of the company’s equity, which meant that they would have absolute right of execution over the company.

Naomi and Erica continued to stay at the restaurant after Alex left. Erica’s hands were shaking ever-so-slightly, as she felt uneasy about the plan.

Naomi suddenly took her daughter’s hand and stared at her calmly. “Erica, are you afraid?”

“Mom, does Dad really…have to die?” There was fear written all over Erica’s face at that point.

Naomi felt that it was time to tell her something, or else her daughter would not be able to carry on with the plan calmly.

“Erica, Mom has something to tell you. You won’t be scared anymore after this,” Naomi reassured her.

“What is it?”

“It is about your birth. Francis is not your biological father. You are the child born to me and another man.” Naomi felt no need to continue hiding her secret.

Erica’s head immediately went blank as she heard the shocking news. “What?! Mom, how can I not be Dad’s daughter? Didn’t Dad have a DNA test when you brought me to the house? Did he not doubt me at all?”

“Of course Francis did. I drew blood from you in front of him to do the DNA test, but I exchanged a container of Anastasia’s blood with yours. That is why Francis has had no doubts for so many years.”

Erica clutched her chest after hearing her mother’s confession. This secret was too shocking even to her.

“Who is my biological father then?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“You don’t have to care about who he is. He’s just a piece of trash who is still rolling in poverty!” Naomi spat contemptuously. “We must do this if we want to live a good life for the rest of our lives.”

As Naomi had expected, Anastasia started feeling a lot better after that. It turned out that the man she had called “Dad” for over 20 years was not her biological father.

“You can’t just call him Dad for so many years for nothing. We must get the share we deserve.” Naomi’s eyes were filled with determination to win.

Erica was also afraid of losing status and wealth during the remainder of her life. She was just like her mother at this very moment she wanted a share of Francis’ property. Francis might very well chase her out of the Tillmans’ if he were to find out her identity one day.

Instead of letting something like that happen, Erica would rather Alex join hands with her mother and make Francis leave the world unknowingly.

Francis was currently playing card games with a few of his good friends during the festive season. He had no idea that his wife and daughter had come together with his

most trusted man in a plot to harm him.

It was finally New Year’s Eve after the people spent weeks anticipating it.

Elliot and Anastasia had already arrived at the Presgrave Residence around 10 AM.

Elliot was naturally not keen on telling the truth behind Jared’s injury when Harriet noticed Jared’s injured leg. He even made up a reason, which didn’t go unnoticed by the older woman’s hawk-like eyes. However, she didn’t press on to know the truth. All that was important to her was that her grandson was safe.

Immediately afterward, she got good news from Jared that Elliot and Anastasia were getting engaged


The news made Harriet so worked up that her eyes were wet with tears. This truly was something that made her happy. It was also something she had been looking

forward to for so many years!

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