My Baby’s Daddy, Chapter 465

My Baby’s Daddy, Chapter 465

Chapter 465 She Is Doing It on Purpose!
The dinner was a feast. For someone as greedy for wealth and power as Naomi was, there was no way she would dare to underserve a man like Elliot.

“Mommy, I want some shrimp,” Jared said as he pointed to a shrimp dish.

Hearing that, Anastasia washed her hand before she peeled some shrimps for her son. As she continued to get rid of the shell, Elliot suddenly brought his bowl over for Anastasia to place a peeled shrimp into his bowl. He started to happily munch into it right after.

Then, she continued to peel a few more for him. Naomi started to feel anxious as she looked at Anastasia seemingly assuming the role of Elliot’s wife. Anastasia has got a complete hold on Elliot, she thought. This can be dangerous for Erica and I.

As much as Erica was attracted to Elliot’s gentle and handsome appearance, she loathed Anastasia for her deliberate show of affection.

It was already past 8.00PM by the time they finished dinner, which also meant that it was time for Elliot to take Anastasia and Jared back to their own home.

Francis went and saw them off at the door as he reminded them to drive slowly. Erica and Naomi had also come out to send their guests off.

After watching the impressive sedan leave, Francis said to the mother and daughter, “I will be back after a walk.”

The instant he left, Erica finally exploded in irritation. “Mom! Just look at how smug Anastasia was. She clearly was showing off their relationship to us on purpose.”

“Anastasia was giving us a warning.” Naomi had held in a lot of rage as well. “She is trying to make us think that she isn’t an easy opponent, now that she has Elliot backing her up.”

Erica started to grind her teeth as she growled, “Mom, we cannot be afraid of her.”

Her phone began to ring right at this moment. After taking a look at it, she angrily accepted the call. “Hey, Alex. Where have you been these 2 days? Why didn’t you answer my call or reply to my messages?”

“I am sorry, Erica. I’ve been busy dealing with the company’s inventory. I didn’t mean to not reply. I called you to tell you something.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“I saw your dad write a will. I will send it to you now, and you can have it sent to your mom. Don’t ever let your dad find out that this photo was secretly taken. I will definitely lose my job otherwise.”

When she heard that, Erica immediately urged him to send the photo over. She couldn’t wait to know the contents of the will that her father was preparing.

“Alright, I will send it over now.” Alex then hung up the phone.

It only took a few seconds before Erica received three photos of the will via message. She quickly dragged her mother back to the living room and said, “Mom, Alex secretly took photos of Dad’s will. Come take a look.”

They proceeded to read it word by word, and by the time they were done, their faces had turned pale from their anger.

Just like they had expected, Francis didn’t leave even a small part of the company to them.

“F*ck you, Francis!” Naomi hissed under her breath.

Erica was starting to panic as well. “What are we going to do, Mom? Dad has no intentions to give us the company at all. It is all going to Anastasia.”

“Calm down, Erica. I won’t let you live empty-handed. It seems like your Dad has never thought of people important to him, huh?” She scoffed. “I finally see his true colors.” All those years Naomi had been Francis’ wife suddenly seemed like nothing but a waste of time.

“What are we going to do, Mom?”

“Alex must be on our side since he is helping us. It is only a will. We can just change the contents.” A wicked look flashed across Naomi’s face.

Francis’ wealth and company were the only reasons why she was married to him in the first place. It would be a forever thorn in her heart if she ended up not getting anything at all.

Naomi had a secret that she could never tell anyone, and it was exactly because of how dangerous the secret was that she needed to get Francis’ property to make sure that she and her daughter were set for life.

Anastasia felt at ease on the way back to Elliot’s villa as they listened to songs while she enjoyed the bustling night view of the city outside the car window, whereas little Jared was quietly playing his Rubik’s Cube under the dim lights in the car. Wealth and power were the least of her priority—all she prayed for was peace and calm in her life.

The car drove straight into the compound of the villa when they reached home. As soon as they arrived at the parking lot, Anastasia caught sight of a truck parked there in the dark. She couldn’t tell what was in the back of the car.

A magical scene suddenly appeared at this exact moment. The second a light suddenly lit up behind the truck, she could see a huge glass case decorated with balloons and flowers, and in it was a white sports car quietly parked there. It was an utterly romantic and luxurious sight to behold.

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