My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 464 by NovelsYou

Chapter 464 Little Model

Naomi then quickly called Erica, who had gone shopping in the early morning. Erica was so excited after she picked up the call and learned that Elliot was coming over that she almost passed out.

“Mom, is it true? Is Elliot really coming to our home?” she squealed.

“That is what your Dad told me. It must be true, then.”

“Mom, I can’t talk now,” Erica suddenly said. “I have to buy some clothes.” After she hung up the call, she dragged her friend along to ransack the boutique they were in for clothes.

She was determined to dress her best for Elliot tonight.

Even if all Elliot did was take a look at her a second longer, it would keep her happy for a very long time.

Elliot received a call from Harriet, in which she told him that she was at Brenda’s before she asked him if he would come over. Needless to say, she was caught by surprise when he told her that he was going to have dinner with Anastasia’s family.

Oh, how she hoped that Elliot would quickly make Anastasia his wife!

Around 3 PM, Anastasia dressed up her son like a fashionable and handsome child model.

Elliot, too, had changed into a gray casual suit, with a dark-colored shirt layered with a vest. He looked just like an awe-inspiring young master of a powerful family from TV shows.

Anastasia couldn’t turn her gaze away after she raised her head to look at him. He probably would look good in a rag too, she mused.

“Let’s go!” Elliot held Jared by his hand as they went to the underground parking lot together. He chose one of his cars that had a child safety seat installed in it. Ever since he started bringing Jared along on drives, Elliot had thrown aside all his best sports cars.

They looked just like a family of three on their way back to their parents’ house.

Francis had returned to the Tillman Residence earlier than he usually would. The whole place had been cleaned thoroughly by the servants who had a feeling that someone of importance was coming tonight.

Erica had been in her room upstairs the whole time fixing her makeup in the mirror and trying on one outfit after another. She wanted to pick the one she looked best in before she went downstairs.

She finally heard the sound of a car engine coming from outside. As she peeked from the second floor, she saw an impressive-looking sedan driving into the compound, and that was when her heart started thumping heavily against her chest.

Elliot was finally here.

Naomi had seen Elliot at her husband’s company’s annual celebration before. He was such a brilliant man that she couldn’t help but hope that her own daughter would be blessed with the luck to marry him.

However, her jealousy started bubbling away when she went out with her husband to welcome their guests, only to see how much they looked like a family when Elliot carried Jared out of the car, while Anastasia got out from the other door.

Naomi could never understand how Anastasia managed to tie a man like Elliot down.

On top of that, they even brought along that b*stard child too!

“Welcome, Young Master Elliot!”

“Mr. Tillman,” Elliot greeted with a smile.

The young boy he was holding, too, cheerfully called out, “Grandpa!”

Naomi had a fake smile plastered on her face as she stood beside Francis. “Young Master Elliot, we are glad that you have decided to pay us a visit. Please, come in.”

Elliot then nodded and thanked her.

“Mom!” Anastasia greeted her as well. She didn’t want to embarrass Naomi in front of her father.

“Anastasia, make sure you take good care of Young Master Elliot while he is here,” Francis turned to Anastasia and said.

Erica was finally satisfied with her makeup and outfit right around this time. As she walked down from the stairs on the second floor, she looked at Elliot, who was walking in, and greeted him excitedly, “Young Master Elliot, you are here.”

Elliot looked at her and gave a nod in acknowledgement. Anastasia then invited him to sit on the sofa, while she sat beside him and served him tea.

Francis, however, suddenly remembered that they didn’t have milk at home. He insisted on bringing Jared with him to buy some immediately.

Anastasia felt slightly resigned at her father doting on her son.

Naomi was getting annoyed looking at her husband but she, too, could only watch on as her husband pampered Anastasia’s son.

She secretly thought how nice it would be if her own daughter would hurry up and give birth to a son.

Naomi then threw a knowing glance at her daughter before she went into the kitchen. Erica caught sight of that, and she immediately understood what her mother was signaling her to do. Out of nowhere, she had a burst of courage to get Elliot’s attention.

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