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Chapter 463 Dinner With the Tillmans

“In the playroom on the third floor,” Anastasia answered as she brought out the food she whipped up.

Elliot suddenly looked at her and said, “Give your dad a call later and ask him if he would be okay with adding one more place on the dining table tonight.”

Upon hearing that, Anastasia narrowed her eyes ever so slightly. “You want to have dinner at my house?”

“I will go to your house for Christmas Eve, and you can come to my house on Christmas. Sounds good?” He was determined to go to her house tonight for the eve celebration.

She didn’t oppose his idea, so she swiftly nodded and said, “Sure. I will inform my dad in a while.”

As Francis had a busy job, he was still working overtime at his company on Christmas Eve.

Today, however, he was sitting here dealing with some personal affairs rather than the usual work matters. He was writing a will. Even though he wouldn’t need it for the time being, he wanted to prepare himself in order to get certain things done, as he had had multiple health issues as of late.

Alex happened to be at the office to sign a document when he found out that Francis was still there as well. He then dropped by to greet his employer.

As the younger man opened the door, he saw Francis looking at some document and quickly covering it with another document when he saw Alex walk in.

“Oh—there you are, Alex!” Francis greeted him.

“It is Christmas Eve, President Tillman, and yet you are still working overtime.” Alex then caringly added, “Please be mindful of your health.”

“I understand. You can go ahead and leave! Come back to work after Christmas.”

Alex was an unusually sensitive person, and he had already noticed Francis’ frantic behavior just now. But before he could say anything about it, Francis’ landline began to ring.

“Hello? Okay. I will be down in a minute.” Francis stood up after finishing the call. “I will make a trip to the warehouse. You can go home now!”

“I’ll go with you, president,” Alex offered, only to be rejected right off the bat.

“There’s no need for that. I am only going to check a few samples of the materials.” Francis waited for Alex to leave his office with him, and he closed the door behind them.

Alex then pretended as if he was walking toward the finance department. When he saw from the corner of his eye that Francis had entered the elevator, he turned around to see if he was alone before he prowled his way back to Francis’ office.

Francis was not one to lock his office door during the day, which made it easy for Alex to enter. When the latter reached the desk, he saw the hidden document that looked a lot like a will. Instead of spending his time going through it word by word, he took out his phone to take a photo of it instead.

After he had finished taking photos of all three sheets of paper, he put the documents back to their original place and scurried away.

It was only after he returned to his car that he could be at ease to check the photos he took.

A cold smile appeared on the corners of his mouth when he finished reading the contents of the will. Sure enough, Naomi had been spot-on with her worries. It seemed that Francis had no intention to hand over the company to the mother-and-daughter duo—Anastasia was the only heiress of the company. Francis might have had it in his will to distribute the other assets to Naomi and her daughter, but none of those could compare to the company which had a net worth of more than one billion.

Alex was suddenly reminded of the trust the mother-and-daughter duo had in him. It seemed like he would have his share of Tillman Constructions as long as he could make Erica fall for him.

At the same time, Francis was chatting with the employees in the warehouse when his phone rang. He took a glance at it before he reached out to pick it up. “Hello, Anastasia! Are you home yet?”

“I haven’t started my journey yet, Dad. I called you to inform you that Elliot will be coming over tonight for dinner.”

“What?!” Francis’ mood instantly lifted when he heard his daughter’s words. It was his honor to have a guest such as Elliot. ”That’s great! I will tell Naomi to prepare a feast to properly welcome the Young Master!”

After Francis cut the call with Anastasia, he immediately called his wife to inform her that Elliot was coming to their house for dinner. Naomi, of course, was taken aback as well.

“What? Young Master Elliot is coming to our house for dinner? We have to prepare more food, then!”

“Prepare as much good food as you can. We can’t afford to disrespect him,” Francis requested.

As soon as the call ended, Naomi quickly instructed the servants to go to the supermarket again. Naomi had initially prepared some dishes that Anastasia didn’t like after she knew that Anastasia was coming home. However, now that Elliot was coming over, she would not dare to offend the Young Master no matter how much she loathed Anastasia.

What was more, it was a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to meet a man whose net worth was hundreds of billions. She still had some other plan up her sleeves.

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