Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1856

Chapter 1856 Guests

“What is it?” Francesca asked.

“An informant in H City told me that Mr. Windt’s daughter brought a sapphire necklace to the black market for auction. It was right around the time I just took care of the orphanage, so I went back to H City overnight. The people in the black market had determined that it was a priceless sapphire necklace. Since it came from F Nation’s royalty, it’ll sell for at least fifty million based on market price. If it’s auctioned instead, then the price will go way higher. I’ve already asked those people to contact Ms. Windt, so she’s making her way here now. I’ll be meeting her soon. What price should I offer?”

“Around one million,” Francesca informed.

“Eh? Isn’t one million way too little?” Anthony felt bad. “I know what you’re thinking. Giving an orphaned, helpless girl too much money will only attract danger to her. But don’t you think we should give her a little more?”

“Adversity makes one stronger, whereas comfort makes one weaker,” Francesca replied flatly. “At this time, if she receives too much money, she may easily give up on any desire to improve her situation. In contrast, if she only receives a little bit of money, she’ll be able to live comfortably, but there’ll also be enough pressure on her to make her strive for the better.”

“I understand.” He was very obedient.

“Protect the necklace and return it to her in the future,” she ordered.

“I know. You always repay a debt of gratitude in secret.” There was a tinge of teasing in his voice, though there was admiration, too. “Say, how are you so mature, even though you’re still pretty young?”

“I’m not going to talk to you any further. My head’s hurting.” She directly hung up the phone and lay on the bed while holding her head.

Recently, she had been feeling really tired and becoming forgetful. She would forget where she placed a thing just a minute ago.

She knew that the metal inside the back of her brain was seriously affecting her health. If she didn’t undergo that operation as soon as possible, the consequences would be disastrous.

Therefore, she decided to tell Danrique that she was leaving tonight. If he refused to listen, she would have to show her hand.

Just as she was thinking, Norah’s voice was heard from the outside. “There’s going to be guests tonight. You lot should go to the kitchen to help out.”


“As for the rest of you, go decorate the living room.”


Norah was assigning work to the maids while the doctor entered Francesca’s room after knocking on the door. She informed politely, “It’s time for your medicine, Ms. Cece.”

“Mhm.” Francesca stood up to take her medicine.

She noticed that there was little difference in modern medicine’s prescription when it came to treating external wounds. Thus, she didn’t ask any questions and did as the doctor asked.

“Ms. Cece…” At that moment, Norah entered the room with a couple of young maids holding a couple of pretty dresses. “There will be guests today. Do you want to dress yourself up? I’ve arranged a make-up artist and stylist for you. These dresses—”

“No need.” Francesca yawned. “I don’t like wearing weird clothing, nor do I like wearing make-up and high heels…”

“Okay.” Norah quickly sent the maids out of the room. “Ms. Lindberg said everything shall be done to your liking.”

“Thank you,” Francesca thanked, took her medicine, and went back to her bed.

“Do you want to take a walk, Ms. Cece?” Norah asked carefully. “You’ve been staying inside your room for days. It must be boring.”

“No need…” Francesca was going to reject the suggestion, but she quickly found the idea to be a good one.

After all, she would have a chance to understand the layout of the place better to make her escape in the middle of the night smoother.

When she thought about that, she quickly changed her tune. “Sure. I’ll go for a walk and get some sun.”

“All right. I’ll hold you.” Norah quickly helped Francesca up.

A maid helped her put on a coat before they all went downstairs.

“I don’t need this many people to follow me. I can walk by myself.” Francesca wasn’t used to being treated like that. “Just find someone to lead the way. The rest can leave.”

Norah dismissed the other maids and accompanied Francesca on a walk in the garden.

She wanted to help Francesca walk, but Francesca walked faster than she did.

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